More Bargains in Ecuador

by | Oct 26, 2001 | Archives

Since I began preparations for my trip to Quito I have found more really interesting buys. Here is a note from one of my best contacts in Ecuador.

Dear Lover of the Sun,

If high prices and or low income in North America are cramping your standards or shortening the time you can winter in the sun, Ecuador is an excellent alternative.

Merri and I are looking to buy a house or apartment in the capital city ofQuito to compliment our plantation in the Ecuadorian countryside. Many have told us that prices are now very high, but my research continues to turn up really low prices. My most recent three messages about Ecuador showed some of these bargains. Now I have received ten more places in Quito for sale at less than $30,000.

Here is what my friend wrote:

"Dear Gary:In a couple of recent newsletters you mention that there still exist opportunities and low prices in Ecuador and of course, this is right on spot. Prices have come up, no question about it, but opportunities still exist. Of course, it all depends what an individual is looking for or expecting.This is to give you an example that low prices are still here in real estate. These are some prices I have found today for properties in Quito. I have not seen the properties but likely they are not specially sophisticated or in the better neighborhoods, but to have a roof above ones head that you can own is a significant achievement for any individual.These are the basic specs and asking prices (actual sale price may belower):- 880 square foot apartment brand new $28,500- 3 bedroom apartment $25,000- 1,624 square foot apartment $38,000- 715 square foot apartment $25,000- 3 bedroom apartment $35,000- Brand new apartment $36,000- Suite $20,000- One bedroom apartment $26,000- Three bedroom, small apartment $20,000- Brand new apartments in a good zone - starting at $26,000Plus  am sure you can find things for less.Kind regards,"

I'll update you on what I see during this upcoming exploration trip, plus we'll have real estate brokers ready to show you around after our upcoming Quito course in January.

I hope to see you in Ecuador!