Listen to the Music

by | Oct 20, 2001 | Archives

In the ebb and flow of this new war it may seem we are on the run. How can we stop what we cannot see? Yet one economic force we possess is more powerful than all the bombs in the world.

Dear International Friend,

We have looked at how controllers may try to take advantage of terrorism in recent messages and how we can take advantage of controllers by looking in the shadows of what they do.

In addition can learn a lot about love, life and war from music! In thismessage let’s look at how we can spot who will win and why, just because ofa song.

In music we can split humanity into two cultures, the Western EuropeanMusicians and the Traditionalists. Those under the influence of WesternEuropean Music have grown greatly since about the 9th century (whencomposers began to put their names to their scores). Since that timeWestern European composers have wanted their music to be theirs, about themand about their times. This allowed their songs, concerts and symphoniesto be at the forefront of an ever faster evolution. Such music fomentschange. From Beethoven, Bach, Mozart to Elvis, these people created musicthat led the population to think, feel and question “Who am I, what am Idoing, what is right and wrong?”

The other (Traditional) musical culture, used by Islam, Chinese, Hindu and some evenolder groups is quite different, rarely given to one composer, and used for theexact opposite purpose. These melodies and rhythms are to bind the cultureand inhibit change. They are a great salve when one does not know wherethey are. They can be a message of comfortable belonging. Our flesh ismortal they say, but we connect you from this time into the deepest mistsof time. We come and go, but our songs remain. They unite our future andpast in an endless tune. Take the ancient African rituals with their deepsoul grabbing beat as an example. Feel how their beat melds our heartswith the group and pulls us into the sweet embrace of our deepest roots.Such sweet comfort to belong like that, but in terms of the universe, everso wrong.

This war we wage is a battle between those who use music to stop changeversus those who sing and dance to change. This is why the western world willprevail, and those who resist the natural order of things will fall. The universe is change, an eternal blending and a never ending mixture of everything folding, digesting, each second, minute and hour. That’s what we really are!

One of the key points in the 65th Octave is how nature has away of dealing with those who try to stop this process of change.

Through song we can see who the enemy really is, that is those who resistchange. They who cloak women in shawls (when we have learned it’s betterto wear whatever we choose). The enemy is those who force living standardsthat worked 1,000 years ago and ignore that now there are betterways. And the enemy are they who try to repress free press and removeour inalienable freedoms in the name of the enemy.So song, whether it be an ancient rite or a National Anthem can exposethose who try to force on us that which is unreal.This is their weakness. Our music wins. Given a choice, guess which theyoung will always choose. Sure at times change hurts. The unknown (asessential as it is) can be frightening.

In addition the Traditional musical culture leads to a circular, non lateral thinking mind set. Merri and I learned this while living with American natives in Ecuador. Their haunting, beautiful music tears the heart and heightens every emotion-sweetness, joy, love, pain, melancholy. There is a song for every occasion, each full of lessons. The songs are played again and again, as have their past ancestors, year after year. They live and think in the same way, in a circular mode without innovation, expectation of change or any betterment in their lives. This, I can promise from experience, is a sweet, easy, low stress way of living. But this too is not real. As the universe and times change so too must these cultures or they like (dinosaurs) will fail to adapt.

Some times I wonder if this is not a better way? A part of all of us yearn for thegood old times. But the past is not real. It is only an illusion…amemory distorted by our own experiences that happened between the past and the present.

Remember your high school music teacher calling rockin roll, “rotten roll”? They preferred Glen Miller and the twenties bands. Now we of the Golden Oldies era may dislike Rap or Heavy Metal. That’s music doing its job. Our music fought the Johnson administration when the kids rallied for peace. Our children’s music will probably fight us (now we are the guys with mortgages trying to have some stability and peace). We may not like the turmoil, but it is this struggle that helps us grow On and on it goes, we cannot stop the forces of nature. This with our blessed music sweeps those who resist away. Talking Panther the heroine in the 65th Octave warned us of this when she said.”Over many centuries the Controllers have guided education to focus on thedifferences between man rather than the similarities. The Controllers havedistorted truth to make different cultures fear one another. They havestressed how our skin is red and yours is white. They have let it all beforgotten hearts that beat with love, sweat that comes with toil, eyes thatsee grand visions, and babies that cry in the night.”So as a business person and investor. Watch the music. It will tell youwho is right and who is wrong. Listen and you’ll know where to let yourmoney go.

Music to my way of thinking is one of the clearest ways that Godspeaks. Avoid the places where there is no music. When you hear theorchestra warming up, get out your check books. This is where you should invest! Our souls yearn for happiness and song.

Souls have no color, creed or culture. At that place we are all one. Nowthat is music we can dance (and invest) to!

Until next message I send good song and dance for you!