Use Good Health to Defeat the Terrorists Attacks!

by | Oct 18, 2001 | Archives

A Doctor friend shares an idea we should all know in these medically tense days.

Dear International Friend,

Terrorists probably cannot attack the U.S. with Anthrax in any significantway. Yet they can (and may already have) through just small exposureshamper our postal system with this tiny germ. Look at what they may (ifthe recent Anthrax mailings are backed by the same terrorists that attackedthe World Trade Center and Pentagon) have already done in just two attacks,(hurt our ability to travel by air and complicated our mail). This mayindicate a plan to attack our overall ability to travel andcommunicate. Watch out for terrorism on phones and over the net next!Yet life will go on and we must do more asindividuals to build our health. If there is some form of massive bioattack, or if we are an unlucky victim, we want as much personal immunityas we can muster. Even if this change in the way we live forces us to workharder, we need vitality to meet this new challenge. If there is majorhealth problems across the U.S. our medical infrastructure will be severelychallenged.

The best way to avoid being caught sick and short of medical help is toavoid getting sick. One help to accomplish this was pointed out to me bya friend in the medical profession when he wrote.

	Dear Gary,		Since the report of an Anthrax case in my area, I've had several 	inquiries about ways of protection in the event of exposure to 	bacteria. I practice as a chiropractor in Florida and have been using 	Amazonian herbal nutritional supplements for over 20 years. I do not 	treat disease. However, using various therapies can promote the body's 	natural ability to defend itself and adapted itself to hostile 	environments. We live in a very hostile environment. Anthrax is a 	spore forming bacteria. In my experience the herbs I use are very 	helpful in building the body's natural ability to defend itself from 	and adapt to bacterial exposure. You will notice I am being very 	careful in setting the stage for what I am about to tell you. Anthrax 	can be very serious and I don't want this to be interpreted as a 	disease treatment. Herbs though can be used as a multi-system support 	treatment, i.e.. immune, detox, stress handling, digestive enzymes, 	hormonal and to detox the liver and kidneys to support the 	hormonal/adrenal stress that this kind of exposure will generate plus 	to reduce inflammation and promote lymph drainage. They can also be 	used for overall immune/detox properties.		If the patient is new to the program and has other toxicity/health 	problems they will want to start slowly to their tolerance. I've been 	using these herbs in my practice since 1989 and I can testify they are 	awesome in their ability to promote the body's natural ability to help 	itself get well and fight back when attacked. A great way to maintain 	a high level of health is through a unique source of nutrition.

Because of the added importance of good health and vitality at this time Merri and I are adding a special vitality session to our Orlando and Ecuador seminars. In Orlando we will review a variety of Amazonian herbs, including Amazon Birm and others, plus have invited a Doctor (Osteopath) we use who understands such techniques to share his experiences. In addition we will share the Andean diet and exercises which Merri and I learned when we lived with indigenous medicine men for an entire winter.

We are also adding to our seminar in Quito an optional two day health tourwhere we'll meet with the medicine men and learn their secrets for long life andenergy directly from them.

I hope to see you there, but if you cannot attend, please feel free to sendme any questions you have about how Merri and I have built and maintain ourvitality. I'll be happy to share my experiences and put you in touch withhealth contacts I have gained in our thirty plus years of global travel.Until next message, good health to you!