More Bargains on Ecuador’s Coast

by | Oct 17, 2001 | Archives

I was looking for bargains on the coast, but a house for $7,000?

Dear International Friend,

Two recent messages (see “Here's an Ecuadorian Bargain!” and “Where you can still buy a home and a car for $25,000“?) showed how real estate bargains are available in Ecuador now. A note from my friend on the coast Jorge Loor (he recently helped our readers buy their coastal house and Land Rover for less than $25,000), shows there are still plenty of bargains. Here is what he said.

“Hello Gary

I wanted to keep you informed about some great deals on beach front property in San Jacinto beach next to Crucita, where you still find property for $5.000 dollar and 1 uncompleted house for $7.000 on a small hill looking toward the Pacific Ocean.

Also a 484 acre farm with a river in between and virgin mountains only 14 minutes away from the beach of Bahia de Caraquez for $134,000

It's incredible the low prices you will still find here in the coastal area!

Regards, Jorge”

I have not seen how finished that house is, but the price suggests that bargains still exist though Ecuador's economy seems to be stabilizing. A recent article in the Financial Times gives some excellent insights into this.

Jorge is planning to meet with our delegates at our upcoming course in Orlando and we can arrange a private tour of this area after our Quito course January 25 to 27, 2002 if you wish.

Until next message, good global investing and business!