Where you can still buy a home and a car for $25,000?

by | Oct 13, 2001 | Archives

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Here is a real life story you will want to read.

Dear International Friend,

Many confusing notes from readers have recently been telling me that prices have risen dramatically in Ecuador. “There are no bargains left,” they say. Yet every time I look, prices seem low and real bargains exist. Perhaps these readers do not know how to shop? Or bargain? The note below just received from our darling readers who attended our last courses in Orlando and in Ecuador says it all!

This note is especially significant because it comes from a young family who have just moved to Ecuador. Previously my favorite story had been of our 80 year old friends who, after attending our courses in the U.S. and Ecuador, moved just outside Quito and began farming. They bought a 400 acre farm with house, many buildings, equipment and cattle for $75,000. They have loved being there and tell me they feel years younger living in the country surrounded by the sweetness of the Ecuadorians.

You will see below that Americans, Canadians, Australians and Europeans, young or old, can move to Ecuador with as little as $25,000. This is a place where you can raise a family, retire, spend the winters in warmth (as Merri and I do) or just run an international business and visit at prices so low they are hard to believe. I was beginning to doubt that such prices still existed after reading recent letters, until this message came in reminding me that there are many talkers out there and a few doers. For the doers the bargains are real..

	Dear Gary and Merri, 		We hope you are well & enjoying autum at your farm. We bought a house 	& land in Ecuador! Wow. Doors DO open. 		Since your writing and courses first inspired me to investigate 	Ecuador I thought you'd like to know that we have actually gotten 	started! I am thrilled! This (Sunday)morning I think of your updates 	as I hear Latin pop music is coming from our neighbor’s radio. Just 	the right volume to enjoy from my porch. My toddler has a cup & is 	back at the water bucket. She loves pouring!		Michelle is building rough shelves in the shade of coconut palms. 		Gary, how 'bout this?: I just turned 26, my wife is 24. After 3 years 	of marriage in Pennsylvania, we moved to Ecuador & are started in life 	with over 2 acres of land, a solid 1200 sq. ft. house, various fruit 	trees, coconut palms & many banana trees. We are also the proud owners 	of a rust-free, newly repaired Toyota Land Cruiser. We started our 1st 	project immediately (a cistern for household water) with a giant pit 	hand-dug for $20. 		Our employee Luciano, works 5 ½ days a week, curing our palms of 	‘gualpa’, preparing our trees & bananas for irrigation, helping us get 	a good price for baby chickens. Other projects are in the works: new 	plumbing, a new roof, new wiring & gardens. So far we have invested a 	little less than $25,000 - Luciano’s pay for a year & Land Cruiser 	included. 		Yesterday Luciano asked for a loan to buy heavy cable to improve the 	electric service to his house. I got the 65 meters he requested when I 	went to town. I will take the $26 out of his pay at $5 per week. 		Tomorrow the ‘maestro’ & his workers come to begin building our 	cistern. 		We found our property in only 3 days and what started as a business 	relationship with the broker has become a good friendship. The broker 	has helped us at every turn during these first few weeks. We love the 	beach just 25 minutes up the road at Crucita. But my favorite is 	watching the sun set majestically over the Pacific from the mountain 	vantage above town. I look forward to learning how to make the 	delicious ‘empanadas verde’ that our neighbor gave us. Due to our 	generous neighbors we have enjoyed coconut milk, fresh papaya, guayaba 	& have a new palm to plant. 		Right now I’m eating hashed-brown potatoes & enjoying the breezy 	shade. 		It’s not like I sit in the shade & relax all the time. Yesterday I 	ripped out the last of the false ceiling that has been home to 	generations of rats. I worked on my pump & hoses until well after dark 	watering my trees & shrubs from our well. The place was quite 	distressed when we bought it from lack of attention. 		To my delight I have discovered the source of energy & enthusiasm I 	often admired in other home-owners: the proprietary drive, the 	pleasure of improving my own home & land. I am surprised by how 	different I feel now that I have a place of my own. 		Sincerely & Thanks! Landon 		p.s. Today I got a good lesson: Lock valuables away. The neighbors 	have been concerned that we not be robbed, warning us to lock 	everything. At 6am I discovered that my pump was stolen, cut from the 	hoses at my well. I´ve had some time to recover from anger & 	embarrassment (they told me so) & am glad nothing more was stolen - my 	laptop for instance. 		- Keep well. See you both soon in Ecuador. 

There you have it my friends, the good and the bad. But the point that is clear is that for unbelievably low prices you can enjoy the friendliness of some of the sweetest people in the world and live in 365 days year of direct equatorial sunshine.

I hope to see you at both my courses in Orlando and Quito where we will look at how to live and have your own international businesses including Ecuador. Until next message, good global business and investing!