Don’t Let the Terrorists Take This From Us

by | Oct 5, 2001 | Archives

Will the terrorist attack create a wave of fear that allows those in power to erode our freedoms?

One of the greatest fears from the terrorist attacks may becoming true. Security in the USA needs to be tightened, but not at thecost of liberty. The greatest tragedy of all will be if we legislate awaythe very thing we are fighting for, FREEDOM! If this happens theterrorists win.

A very sad warning shot came today in the message below from my friendRichard Duke who is among the best tax attorneys Iknow. Richard wrote:

	"The Senate Banking Committee October 4 voted unanimously to approve a 	money-laundering bill that would direct the US Treasury to investigate 	and enforce sanctions against jurisdictions believed to offer special 	tax or regulatory advantages to nonresidents of that jurisdiction. 	Banking Committee Chair Paul S. Sarbanes, D-Md., and ranking member 	Phil Gramm, R-Texas, agreed to the bill on a bipartisan basis and 	dispensed with committee consideration after making minor adjustments 	to it. Gramm, who had blocked a similar bill in the previous Congress, 	said the new bill included due process language that would protect 	civil liberties. In addition to establishing conditions for enforcing 	counter-money-laundering laws and blocking terrorist finances, the 	bill would strengthen Treasury's ability to crack down on tax havens. 	It would direct Treasury to take discretionary action against foreign 	jurisdictions or foreign financial institutions that are characterized 	as tax havens, offshore banking havens, or secrecy havens by credible 	international organizations or multilateral expert groups. Treasury 	would have the authority to condemn as a primary money-laundering 	concern a jurisdiction that offers bank secrecy, or special tax or 	regulatory advantages to non	residents."

While we must resolve the problem of terrorism, we must also defend ourselves from those who will take advantage of this new war to line their pockets and centers of power at our expense. One way to do this is by keeping assets aboard through a legally structured offshore system. There are several avenues for accomplishing this that are still legal, including overseas bank accounts, offshore insurance policies, business aboard and foreign trusts. In each case it is imperative that you have an experienced and competent attorney who can help you create and monitor such a structure such as Richard Duke (specializes in overseas trusts) above or EClub advisors Leslie Share (specializes in overseas business companies) and Joe Cox (specializes in offshore insurance) Another step you can take is to join the Soveriegn Society an organization that is akin to the same principles of freedom, international living, individual sovereignty and the opportunities available in living a global lifestyle. There is a letter below from Stephanie King of the society which maybe useful to you.

Dear Friend:

The horrible events of September 11th have given an entirely new meaning to the word “security.” Personal security, financial security — the true meaning of a secure life itself — all now have been called into serious question. As a consequence of these depraved terrorist acts that took the lives of so many innocent people, some American politicians are hastily drafting new laws, using the emotions of the moment to justify curbs on our freedom. These new restrictions may well limit our financial choices and legal rights governing cash and assets that remain within U.S. jurisdiction and control.

Similar restrictions are reportedly under consideration in the UnitedKingdom, France and some other nations.

We fully support any new laws or policies that will truly combatterrorism. But terrorism will have won a major victory if we surrender ourliberties.

This sudden uncertainty about what the future may hold makes it notonly prudent, but highly critical, that you take appropriate action now toprotect your freedom and your hard earned cash, assets and investments.Even before this horrific assault on Americans, it was already a factthat life could be better, safer, freer, and cheaper in many other places.Offshore opportunities do abound, but multiple opportunities make it moredifficult to separate the good from the bad, the safe from the unsafe.

That's where membership in the Sovereign Society can help you immensely.The Sovereign Society was created several years ago to provideaccurate, timely information about offshore banking, second passports anddual citizenship and about true financial and personal privacy.

Setting up an offshore bank account is a first, but very important,step in a sound asset protection plan. Right now, a secure, private bankaccount is reserved for your personal use, as a new member of the SovereignSociety, in each of three European asset haven countries. These nationshave some of the strongest bank privacy laws on earth. And as a new member,you can activate and use your waiting account immediately.

They also can explain how you may be eligible for a second, non-U.S.passport right now, an important official document that can increasegreatly your travel safety and security. Second passports are legal and canbe obtained within a matter of a few weeks.

Keep in mind: you may not be able to protect fully your Americanassets once new, restrictive laws take effect. You must prepare now, aheadof time. “Too late” really can be too late in this rapidly changing,dangerous situation.

By knowing exactly how to place your assets offshore, you keep yourmoney physically away from those who want to control it, whether that'sgovernment or any other source.

The Sovereign Society can show you how to set up a foreign bankaccount, purchase an offshore annuity or life insurance, create a trust orbuy shares in solid, non-U.S. based mutual funds. They can and will guideyou through what might otherwise be a web of confusing tax, legal, andreporting requirements.

Just one example: if you had your own offshore bank account lastweek, you could have continued to trade stocks and bonds on foreignexchanges with a few international phone calls.

The Sovereign Society is a private organization based in Ireland, butit's really a “virtual community” of freedom loving individuals from allover the world who look offshore to gain sovereignty over our lives and ourassets. Our Mission: To help investors protect their money with the mostsophisticated legal strategies for placing assets offshore.

In a time of world troubles, we can be your lifeline to a secure future.Best of all, by becoming a “virtual citizen” of The Sovereign Society,you gain offshore privileges that most investors don't enjoy. They havecreated unique offshore banking, trust, insurance and second citizenshipprograms administered by the world's top financial institutions andprofessionals. They provide instant access to programs you simply can't geton your own.

As a Society member you will have reliable contacts and informationthat will insure greater privacy, lawsuit protection, and tax savings. Plus– you'll be on the cutting edge of cyber-technology, benefiting from thelatest advances in areas such as encryption and electronic cash transfer.To ease things for you, I have arranged a substantial discount on theSovereign Society's annual membership fee — already very low. This specialdiscount is available to you as a reader. Please take a fewminutes to review the materials at,

Erika Nolan
Executive Director