Was the Attack on America an Assault on Our Wealth?

by | Oct 1, 2001 | Archives

News Release

Someone Made Over Half a Billion Dollars by Shorting Airline and Insurance Stocks Before the New York Bombing!!!

The terrorist attack was planned for an economic moment when damage would line pocketbooks as well as strike terror in the hearts of Americans. September and October are the witching months on Wall Street, the time when many stock and currency contracts mature and there can be great volatility.

1987's Black Friday October crash saw the largest one day percentage drop in Wall Street history. At that time Alan Greenspan despite reassuring public pronouncements, in tapes kept secret for over a year, confessed great fear saying, “The nation is closer to a monetary collapse than we like to believe.”

Another October crisis in 1998 Greenspan could only delay. The Presidential impeachment captured news and made burying that story easy. Only in July 2001 did Worth Magazine in a hair-raising article “Averting a Meltdown” describe the near disaster. In October 1998 the global financial system collapsed when Russia and much of Latin America and Asia were unable to pay their international debts. This caused the destruction of Long Term Capital Management, a US hedge fund that owed billions around the world! Its collapse could have ruined numerous important banks. In 1998 skillful timing and good luck pushed the US stock indices more than six percent adding more than a trillion dollars to the monetary system.

Controllers manipulate politics, governments and global finances for their own good and at everyone else's expense. The 65th Octave, released in bookstores and at Amazon.com this year exposes controllers in a plot to dominate the world's economics. Now such a plot may be coming reality. For example when LTCM collapsed, it was bought by a Saudi Prince by the name of bin Talal, who also owns big chunks of CitiBank and others. The Saudi family owns a very large portion of US financial stocks and someone made over half a billion dollars by shorting specific airline and insurance stocks (those that would be hurt) before the New York bombing. (Talk about manipulation by using “insider” knowledge!)

There is a group of Middle East interests that stands to profit enormously from higher oil prices allowing them to buy US interests during times of crises. Some say bin Laden is very small in this Arab scheme.

Gary Scott warned his readers in September 1987 to exit the market a month before the Black Friday collapse. He warned about the October risks in 1998 and wrote about controllers creating panics in the markets so they could create disorder in his latest book the 65Th Octave which was released in January nine months before this terrorist attack. This novel explores the very essence of economics and controllers in an action packed, fast paced thriller.

Suggested Questions:

  1. Could it be possible that the terrorist attack was motivated primarily by money?
  2. Is there really a group that has been trying to control the world's economy for centuries?
  3. How does this affect the man in the street?
  4. Will the stock market recover?
  5. How can investors protect their wealth in the meantime?
  6. Should investors buy or sell their stocks?
  7. What should investors watch for to discover when there might be more such economic attacks?

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