Here’s a Haven

by | Oct 1, 2001 | Archives

We continue to receive messages from readers who are looking for alternative (and less expensive places) to live. One frequent question asked how friendly are the people of Ecuador to Americans.

The answer can be found in part by President Noboa's offer to PresidentBush(despite the extreme poverty in Ecuador) to send Ecuadorian soldiersto help in the fight against terrorism.

We can see another example of Ecuador's feelings to the U.S. in astatementmade in GENEVA at the 66-nation Conference on Disarmament, often a forumfor anti-American statements. After the bombing this forum was rallied around the U.S. by the president of the conference, Ecuadorian AmbassadorRoberto Betancourt Ruales. His statement was “The condemnable acts ofterrorism perpetrated in the U.S. both take us unawares and strike fearin our hearts.”

After, the forum observed a minute of silence for the victims.

Our experience is that Yankees are loved in Ecuador. This is not an antigringo nation in any way. Merri and I have been attracted to this Andeannation because of the sweetness of the people more than any other reason.

We will look at how to make money in Ecuadorian businesses at ourupcoming courses. I hope to see you there.

Until next message, good global investing and business.