14% per annum or more!

by | Sep 30, 2001 | Archives

Recent messages have looked at ways to increase returns in the current environment of crashing shares and falling interest rates.

One alternative we have to view is investing in Argentina Bonds thatnow payup to 18% per annum for as long as 27 years. What's the catch?Argentina is in its third year of recession and is riddled withinternational debt. This has so concerned international investors thatArgentina's credit appeal has dramatically fallen. So many investors havequestioned the Argentine's ability to repay, that the price of SovereignArgentina Bonds have fallen dramatically. Prices are so low these bondscurrently yield as much as 18%. Here is an added benefit.Many of these bonds are denominated in Euros so investors can earn highreturns in Euros if they want a US dollar hedge!The risk is that Argentina could default on its debt. This seems unlikelyto me. There is however a complete special report on this available rightnow by Steve Rosberg of Argentina. The report describes the profitpotential and risk, plus names the best bonds to buy now.