A practical way to implement the President’s Speech

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The President hit a chord that is really important to every investor and business person.

  • Fight Terrorism with Business
  • Live Full or Part Time Anywhere in the World
  • Turn Travel Into a Tax Deductible Expense
  • See How to Increase Tax and Asset Protection With IBCs

Fellow Lover of Freedom, Sunny Skies and Clear Blue Seas:

During times of national horror, it is hard to believe that most of the world is peaceful still. However, this is true. One of the most important values in America's free and capitalistic way is the freedom to work for a better life and higher standard of living wherever it is found. This is why Americans are among the most traveled people in the world.

Wherever you go you'll find American business.

President Bush in his recent speech was ever so correct when he said:

“The terrorists who attacked the United States on September 11th targetedour economy, as well as our people. They brought down a symbol of Americanprosperity, but they could not touch its source. Our country's wealth isnot contained in glass and steel, it is found in the skill and hard workand entrepreneurship of our people; and those are as strong today as theywere two weeks ago.” President George W. Bush, September 22, 2001

And wherever you live in America, you'll find friends, neighbors, and business people doing business all over the world.

Now with the terrorist attacks, it is more important than ever for Americans to get down to business, all over the world. Because I have worked and lived in dozens of countries and in every continent over the past 33 years, I've have been able to create a course entitled International Business Made EZ that can help you turn these negative economic conditions into profit and more freedom in a life with less stress.

Before I explain these benefits, let me point out three economic flaws which have been dramatically compounded by the terrorist attack and are affecting us all now and can ruin the way almost everyone lives, earns and saves.

Regrettably most people will be overwhelmed. Most will see their incomes fall, their lives turn dull and gray. But a few (you can be one of these) will use the change to make life unbelievably better. You can gain a lifestyle so rich, independent and free that most could only think of it as a dream. And at the same time, you can use your skills, talents and knowledge to help those in countries less fortunate.

These flaws are caused in part by technology; improved use of computers, high speed, low cost communication and transportation that makes workers more efficient. This sounds wonderful, but in reality means that certain types of jobs become scarce. The handwriting is already on thewall. In Europe 10% unemployment of the work force is already normal. In some instances the numbers of unemployed are even much more! In the long run, workers will gain even more productive jobs but during such workplace reorganizations a lot of people are hurt. Now we have to face the losses from the terrorist attacks as well.

This loss of jobs is caused by fundamentals that could threaten your work, savings, family and finances. These fundamentals are flaws reaching such deep levels they will rip the guts out of many families' savings, leave them ruined, even destitute and without jobs. The frightening part is these fundamentals are upon us now and set to unleash their destruction any time.

I want to explain what, why and when these flaws can create their crunch. I'll show how the flaws will force the government to increase tax and turn tougher, infringe on more rights, reduce freedom and overall make most people poorer.

But then I want to share how this same technology can also help you avoid the pain and create lifestyles so wonderful, you'll feel as if you're living in a fairy tale. You will be able to actually turn technology and unemployment into benefits that help you make and keep untold wealth. More important you will be able in the process of making your life better also help poverty stricken people so that horrors such as this recent attack are less likely.

As you review the flaws below, remember every economic crash, every horror has some positive aspects as well. The depression of the 30s created more millionaires than ever before. The terrorist attack is bringing the world together against terrorism and helping the wealthy nations to understand the inequities of others – both of which will lead to a more tolerant world.

So the upcoming economic crunch will also produce its batch of workers who greatly enhance their wealth! By understanding the problems, you will be able to see easy ways to turn them into profit. Become one of those enriched rather than ruined.

The first flaw is the current economic downturn that has been accelerated by the terrorist attacks. There can be no doubt now that there are serious risks in equity and real estate markets. There is a growing possibility we can see an even more dramatic Wall Street collapse. Losses can become much worse and be sustained

The second flaw is that oil problems may increase. South America and the Middle East have programs to push oil prices in the West higher. But especially the tensions in the Middle East can add enormous sums to our energy costs.

The third flaw is the potential now for inflation. The Fed has lowered and lowered interest rates. Think about these economic facts. During the long period of economic growth, inflation seemed in check. When prices started to rise, the Fed raised interest rates to calm down what Greenspan called irrational exuberance. This seemed to only to those who ignored the ever-growing U.S. trade deficit. The strong US dollar allowed American consumers to buy huge amounts of foreign goods at low prices. This dampened US inflation in the short run. The trade deficit however grew. Hidden in the trade deficit is a form of inflation that now weakens the greenback.

During Wall Street's boom, this deficit did not hurt the dollar because foreign investors plowed bucks back into US stocks. With US shares tumbling how will they feel? Plus previously everyone believed that the US government had a budget surplus. Now this thought hasquickly been laid to rest.

Where is the economic dilemma? If the Fed keeps lowering interest rates to boost the US economy, will this weaken the US dollar? If so, won't this cause foreign goods to rise in cost and put pressure on inflation? If inflation rises, won't the dollar be hammered and overseasinvestors flee the greenback? The US dollar has been showing signs of weakness over the past months and at least three factors could push it down 10% or more versus the euro over the upcoming months.

As the dollar falls more Americans may become poorer than anyone realizes. The U.S. savings rate is now below zero. More and more Americans have plowed savings into stocks instead of CDs or bonds. The U.S. market has already wiped out huge amounts of savings so less tax will be collected.

Social spending will rise. This and negative economic factors; lowered U.S. Corporate earnings, retail sales and production off can create rising problems in U.S. banks. Plus a dangerous house of cards built by government backed home loan agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. A recent Economist's article “Banks In Trouble” shows how big banks are messing up. Bridge loans to companies with debt of three and a half times equity or more have grown and deteriorated at the same time. In 1993 7% of new syndicated loans were leveraged. By 2000 this figure rose to36%. Recently the Fed and FDIC noted a sharp deterioration in these loans.

Loans that may be problematic have shot over $100 billion mark and the worst (called classified) total $64 billion. Lead managers for many of these loans are Bank of America (over $50 billion) and Chase/JP Morgan (over $40 billion).

All these problems existed before the terrorist attack and are even worse today!

This is not all bad news because you do not have to participate in this disaster. There is still a way to increase your security, independence, freedom, wealth and well-being. You can greatly enhance and improve the quality of your life plus reduce the tax you pay and increase your asset protection by attending one of the International Business Made EZ courses we will conduct in North Carolina October 12-13-14, Orlando, Florida November 2-3-4 and Quito, Ecuador January 25-26-27.

You can help move the American dream forward despite terrorism with your own International business, (which can operate from your home or in a hideaway in the country of your choice or solely by the Internet). Timing for such businesses has never been better! Such businesses have already created fortunes for a few sophisticated individuals. Now this opportunity is available for you.

Until recently operating an overseas business has taken a great deal of time and effort to start. Now this is no longer true.

Global Business via the Internet

Technology makes it possible to always take your business where opportunity is now best, plus to run your business from anywhere you want. You can run your business from an office or at home! You can be on the beach in the mountains or wherever and have your entire international business (if you choose) on the Internet. Merri and I (after 20 years in London and on the beach in Naples, Fla.) now choose to live in our two retreat sanctuaries – .in the Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C. and on our plantation in the Andes. We manage and operate solely through the Internet – and if you desire, you can too. We have invited our webmaster, David Cross, from England and Sweden to help with these courses and to personally work and advise you on global business via the Internet.

The course shows how to develop a business in one of seven lucrative divisions-marketing, consulting, franchising, manufacturing, tourism, real estate and import-export. It is conducted in a way that shares my 33 years experience of living, working and conducting businesses overseas.

I'll explain the course in more detail in a moment.

First, let me answer the question why international?

The simple fact is that the sun always shines somewhere. When times are tough at home, there is some country where business opportunity is best! Plus this is the real way to solve the problems that led to the terrorist attack. Create opportunity everywhere so poor people have no reason toattack others. The course shows how to have a successful small business locally if you choose and then how to expand it slowly abroad.

This course is not pie in the sky theory either. The knowledge you gain comes from our 33 years of experience and current global business activity. This is a course that brings results as confirmed by delegates who attended the course in August this year. (Please see their comments at the end of this message.)

The course is also designed so your international business will be easy and inexpensive to start and keep going.

International Business Made EZ is a two-part course beginning with a correspondence course sent to you via email the minute you sign up. Part two is an intensive three day personal conducted at our retreat center here in the Blue Ridge Mountains or in Orlando. The three-day course in Quito, Ecuador is entitled Ecuador Business Made EZ and focuses on opportunity there.

The correspondence and personal course shows why an international business is the ultimate lawsuit and tax protection and why global businesses are immune to recessions. You need not suffer during recession, inflation or during market crashes. Fatal economic flaws which ruin others create your profits for you.

From Lesson One, the course gives ways to expand your knowledge about having a business plus shows how to use our global internet network and mailing list (over 23,000 business people and investors in 82 countries) that can help you find partners, sell products and services and raise money abroad! The goal of the course is to give you more than just knowledge.

You are shown specific businesses you can start now and backed up with follow up support. The course brings you real, usable knowledge and the after support so you can put the knowledge you gain into action right away.

The course takes nothing for granted and walks you step-by-step through every aspect of having a business overseas. One lesson for example shows why this is an idea whose time has arrived. Learn the theory of setting up your business, whether to turn your passion into profit (bystarting a new business in a field you love) or how to use an existing business and expand it abroad. You will learn how to become involved in an area where your expertise or interest gives you an advantage.

One lesson covers customs/duties, the problems encountered and how to solve them. One important lesson is on how to buy at the source… and how sometimes it is better to not buy at the source.

You will also learn how to establish your market… how to sell your inventory and to whom. How to know your product, your market, your source, and your competition.

Most important you will learn how to market your products abroad.

Which products? The course International Business Made EZ has already identified many products as explained below. These are businesses you can start right now, directly fromthe course after you have learned the fundamentals, visited these places, seen the goods and learn how our contacts can back you up (or even act as a joint venture partners).

In another lesson you learn about international structures. Learn if you should operate a sole proprietorship, an IBC (International Business Company), overseas trust, offshore limited partnership or use offshore life insurance for tax and asset protection. You learn when each option is correct. Learn how as a small business in one country using overseas structures in another you can legally avoid paying tax. Find out how hold assets in overseas structures so you are almost impossible to sue!

Another lesson looks at expanding your horizons and creating a fantastic lifestyle with benefits of having business friends abroad. Learn how to enjoy the finest things in life because of international friendships plus how to develop them.

Everything about running your own successful international business is in the course. How to get started, develop a product or service, where to find clients and customers, how to choose hot markets, the risks versus the rewards, where to advertise, asset protection and tax advantages, howto cope with language barriers, using the mails and shipping abroad, when, why and where to have offices, why and how to live abroad or not, the best places to live. Lessons cover how to use new global technology, how to market and sell thru the Internet, find free sources of marketing, set up distributors, how to build and use networks, increase profits and manage and protect profits.

Learn how and where to bank, how to get loans, private finance, overseas partners and raise venture capital abroad. Learn how overseas partners can stop the taxman from getting at your profits! Learn how to choose accountants, attorneys, marketing and insurance abroad.

The course helps you choose the business you want. Many professionals who have attended these courses found new beginnings, turning hobbies to profits. For example, you'll learn how to turn golfing, fishing, horse riding and other hobbies into successful global businesses.

The contacts alone are worth ten times the cost of the course as they offer valuable services to make your global business easier, more effective and profitable.

There you have it, valuable contacts and knowledge about timely and fulfilling business opportunities that you can cash in on now. Regardless of whether you want your business to make millions, add an extra dimension in your life, to reduce tax, live abroad, or help others incountries that are undeveloped, our course International Business Made EZ can help you get involved with something you love and turn after tax costs into tax deductible expenses.

Whether you have a successful business, want a part time business for change or as job security, this course can be of enormous value to you. The three-day course is only $499 ($749 for two). This is nothing compared to the incredible education you gain and the importance of the knowledge for you and your family's wealth now. Space makes it impossible to explain everything in the course, but I am convinced if you try it, you will find it improves your entire way of life!

There has never been a time when the risk of higher tax, greater unemployment and investment dangers were higher in North America, but neither has the opportunity for small businesses abroad been so outstanding. Expand your borders now! Increase your economic security, freedom, independence and success. Do not let terrorism stop the American way! Learn how your international business can be made easy today.


Gary Scott