Safer Spice

by | Sep 24, 2001 | Archives

Here is a way to add performance to your portfolio in these dangerous economic times without greatly increasing risk.

In a recent message ( we looked at how emerging markets offer special value and saw how this especially pertained to Argentine and other emerging market bonds.

Emerging market bonds can pay much higher yields and chances of default are not equal to the added return so a mix of emerging bonds to your safer bond portfolio adds perforce without commensurate risk.

Here is information from eClub advisor Jyske bank on new Dominican bonds that pay five basis pints (5%) of extra yield.

There is a new investment alternative, which will be eligible into theEMBI Global Constrained – index.

For full details please contact:

	Ole Severinsen	Jyske Markets	International Bonds	Tel: +45 89 22 45 29

Until next message good global business and investing.