The Most Important Asset Now!

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Recessions and depressions are the breeding ground for the next group of extreme rich. What asset is required to be one of those who rise highest from the ash. Those who will succeed will need more than money.

Those who succeed need a deep curiosity to see whatchanges will take place, a burning desire to be a part in the recoveryprocess and a great deal of energy and vitality. Because of this I want toshare a story that I have hesitated to release but now feel is moreimportant than ever.

Merri and I have enormous energy vitality and enthusiasm, running the farmand our publishing business on our own many are amazed at what we getdone. At a time when many our age are thinking retirement, we feel we arejust getting started. Plus despite our heavy work load and travel schedulewe seem to be getting younger. many deflates who have not seen us for afew years tell us they would not have recognized us because we lookyounger, yet this is a time when many of our friends are rapidlydeteriorating both in energy and appearance.

One of the reasons behind this energetic success is Amazon Birm so let meshare how this wonderful elixir came to us and can now come to you..

The Legend of Amazon Birm and how it was brought to this world.

A bite of chilled wind swept the broad Andean marsh where diamond sun rayssparkled and danced on a frying pan lake below. Damp odors of ooze, mudand grass were mixed in harmony to the taste of my blood, my sensesconcocting strange mixtures in the altitude thinned air.

High on a mountain slope overlooking the Lantana Valley, the sun filledthe Amazonian Valley below. Little did I know that the discovery of oneof South America's most ancient secrets for vitality and good health layjust ahead.

Breathing heavily in the 14,000 feet rarified air, we rethought how thistrip has evolved. Merri and I, along with two medical doctors, whospecialize in anti-aging, and some other friends, walked toward a sacredvalley where western man had never been invited before.

Having been an investment newsletter writer and publisher for nearly thirtyyears, looking for new places to invest was almost a habit. Yet thisadventure led me to better health instead of wealth.

Ecuador is a tiny South American country but has one of the most incrediblediversities in the world. Because this country sits on the equator and ismountainous it has the same bio-diversity as all the territory ranging fromEcuador to the Arctic Circle.

The country is a tourist delight offering sights, sounds and goods atprices so low it is hard to believe. As an emerging economy, the place isripe with business potential. Ecuador's bio diversity offers one moreimportant benefit. Things grow here in its rich volcanic soil that are notfound anywhere else in the world. In our journeys to Ecuador we becamefascinated with the fact that some of the valleys in Ecuador have specialqualities that enhance longevity. Residents in these valleys reach extremeages.

Further research brought us to an article written in the January 1973National Geographic entitled, “Every Day Over 100 is a Gift” written by Dr.Alexander Leaf. This article was written about the three valleys-one inGeorgia (Balkans), one in Pakistan (Hunza) and the valley of Vilcabamba,where 1,080 people per 100,000 lived on average to be 100.

The article compared this longevity to three per 100,000 in the UnitedStates. More important those who reached a ripe age (even over 100)remained vital, sexually active, still work and participate regularly inthe community.

This National Geographic article shows pictures of some of the world'soldest people. For example, a picture featured one of Vilcabamba'spatriarchs, Miguel Carpio, getting a haircut. Carpio was aged 123 andsaid, “I would not like to be young again, but if I could take 15 yearsfrom my age (be 108 again)- wonderful!” Another picture showed HermelindaLeon, aged 94, who labors at the Vilcabamba bakery. The cover picture wasa trim Jose Roa who at 87 years slogs daily through Ecuadorian ooze to makeadobe.

These valleys offered not only ideal living conditions, but special watersacclaimed to assist long life. The special waters were created by the richvolcanic soils and thus minerals and elements that helped sustainextraordinary longevity and health permeated everything, the water, plants,every aspect of the food chain.

This greatly peaked my curiosity. Was there knowledge about these valleysthat needed to be shared so everyone could know better ways to live longerand be healthier.

Merri and I decided to visit this valley thinking it would be a great placeto conduct a seminar. We soon found one reason why these people lived solong was because they were isolated from the rest of society. Few peopleknew where the valley actually was nor how to get there.

Finally we found a guide with special training who could take us to thevalley. In the process of going there with the guide we learned that thereare many great native American spiritual leaders who live in thesevalleys. We heard that these healers possessed such powerful knowledgeabout longevity that legends (such as Ponce de Leon's fountain of youth)had originated about them. We felt compelled to take a trip into theAndes to meet some of these healers.

A couple of months later we flew with 14 of our friends to Quito thecapital of Ecuador and traveled across the country meeting healers.

There we met healers who were from linages of many healers that received suchintensive training they became Taita Yachaks, (Father of Fathers or healersof great purity).

We became involved in creating a foundation to help the poor people ofEcuador and because of this the Taita Yatchaks asked us to help themfulfill a task to bring secrets from the South to the North and bringimportant knowledge from the North to the South. The yatchaks told usthere was a 500 year old prophesy that states when the Eagle of the Northand the Condor of the South flew in the skies together, a greaterequilibrium would exits for mankind. They asked if we could help fulfillthis prophesy.

To be part of a prophesy unveiled five hundred years ago is humbling at theleast. Scary is probably a better word. Yet we felt compelled to acceptand along with our friends Dr. Joe Spano (a board certified anti agingM.D.) and Joe Cox an attorney and well known philanthropist, we startedhelping these healers meet people from the North, not knowing the best wasyet to come.

On our next trip we took a group to a beautiful, old hacienda to stay andmeet with Taita Yatchaks. We met on a rolling, green hacienda lawn under ahuge willow tree on the banks of the Paute River and listened to greathealers from the Andes as they shared secrets about health, longevity,wealth, our past and our future. These Yatchalks were people of greatwisdom. Everyone was touched. Then something special happened.

During a meeting with the Yatchaks about the longevity valley of Vilcabambaand why its residents lived so long, we were told of a special energy inthese valleys that promotes long life.

Special Valleys

One Yatchak explained that most of the special energy in the valleys wasbeing depleted by modern lifestyles of the residents. Their longevity waswaning in many of these valleys because the energy was highly sensitive topollution.

Then the Yatchaks dropped a bombshell and explained there was one unoccupiedvalley where no westerner or outsider had ever been invited. The Yatchakswere protectors and kept it carefully guarded. But part of their prophesywas that when the time was right they would take a westerner to opensecrets from this valley to the rest of the world. We were told that ourefforts to help them were signals that we should go into the valley.

We had no idea then how special this valley was. Only later did we learnthat even in colonial times the Spanish had heard of this valley andbelieved it contained the fountain of youth. The valley is considered aspiritual center for the people in the Andes. This valley was also said tocontain a hidden treasure of the assassinated Incan emperor Atahaulpa. TheSpanish had tried to find this valley but the natives would not reveal itslocation. Hundreds accepted enslavement, torture and even death, ratherthan disclose its secrets.

This was to be the first time these protectors had ever taken an outsiderinto the valley. We did not know this when Merri and I arrived withseveral friends including two who are medical doctors studyinglongevity). This was a good thing because our arrival was with a sense offoreboding. We felt almost frightened rather than thrilled.

Several villages held a special meeting of the protectors to perform a riteof permission. Only then did we discover that even native Ecuadorians hadnever been allowed to know the location of this valley. Only the healersand spiritual leaders of the Andes went there.

One friend, (an M.D. researching longevity) traveled with us but ratherthan visit the valley visited another valley where there are healingthermal pools. While there he told the owner of the hotel where we weregoing and was told we would never be seen again alive! The owner told ourfriend he had once tried sneaking into the valley, had been caught,stripped naked, hogtied and dumped on a lonely road. The man's effects hadall been dumped in a bundle at the hotel with a note saying where to findhim with a warning not to return to the valley.

We didn't know this as we headed into the valley.

We started our journey at 4:30 a.m. riding up into the mountains to ahiking point with six llamas that carried our food, two young boys to herdthe llamas, a cook, a Taita Yatchak and his son and daughter.

We began hiking at about 10,500 feet, tramping through deep Alpine marshfor six hours as we ascended to 14,000 feet. Here we drank from a springthat formed part of the head waters of the Amazon Basin and then descendedstraight down (4,000') a hidden mud animal trail for three hours into avirtually impenetrable cloud forest, ripped by thorns, cut by razor grass,soaked, and caked in mud.

By the time we arrived in the valley, it was just minutes before dark. Wewere fatigued more than I can describe, by the high altitude, bone wearyfrom our heavy packs, every muscle aching from fighting all day, in thealtitude thinned air, the sucking mud (which had regularly pulled off ourboots).

We stayed in a floorless, leaky thatch hut, sleeping on dirt, no heatexcept the cooking fire, no running water, no nothing. The next morning,to our surprise we all felt wonderful! We explored the valley which isperpetually wrapped in mist and fog. We swam in small icy, deep bluelagoons and did ancient exercises while the Taita Yatchak talked with usabout longevity and health. We were continually cold, wet, dirty andcramped-all 12 of us in this tiny hut with its earthen floor.

None of us had ever had so much fun! There is something about the valleythat one cannot explain, an abounding energy and peacefulness. Even attimes when we were really worried about some of the party who had gone intoshock from fatigue, there was never a moment of regret.

We discovered a magical quality to this Sacred Valley and after our returnfound powerful emotional and physical evolutions happening to all ofus. Merri and I, along with the others, felt physically stronger, morealert, more positive, more active and yet more serene than ever before inour lives.

This feeling of well-being was physical as well as emotional. We foundthat though our stay had been short we lost weight, increased muscle massand were stronger, more balanced and our bodies felt better in almost everyway.

Because of this trip and the remarkable 500 year old prophecy we knew therewere secrets that could help us live longer and feel more vital.

Diet, exercise, living in the right climate at the right altitude allseemed to be important. But not everyone could hike into this valley! Weknew there had to be something more, but the knowledge of the variousYatchaks seemed limited and fragmented about this.

Though we never gave up the search with the Yatchaks, in the way thesethings so often happen the discovery of AMAZON BIRM took place in a totallyunexpected coincidence during a business trip in the busy city of Quito.

Our business in Ecuador is partly focused on helping North Americanbusinesses find products to export from Ecuador. One day while in Quito, abusiness acquaintance asked us to talk to a friend who wanted to export afood supplement called AMAZON BIRM. The friend turned out to be the chiefoncologist for the largest hospital in Quito and he told us of a foodsupplement he had developed from an Amazonian plant extract. He called theextract Bio Immune Response Modulator (BIRM). He had been testing andusing the product for many years to help his cancer patients. The Drexplained that BIRM is not a cancer cure but so enhances the immune systemthat many patients cure themselves. He explained that many of his patientsalso used BIRM to enhance their vitality and that it has anti agingqualities that could be enjoyed.

We decided to try BIRM ourselves. After a couple of days we felt tirednessbut then found ourselves feeling much like we had after we returned fromthe sacred valley. My weight started dropping. Muscle mass and skin tonebuilt though we did not add any new exercises.

We began sharing BIRM with a few of our friends and heard back similarstories from those who were well. From others we heard incredible stories.

We saw one friend on his death bed with Lymphoma have a miraculous cure in18 days. Another who was quadriplegic with MS had such a recovery that shecan now stand alone. But mostly the stories were about feeling better,having more energy, sex drive, clearer mind, strength, endurance andfeeling and looking younger.

This is when we decided to make BIRM available as a food supplement in theU.S. and Canada and negotiated a North American distributorship.

BIRM has the potential to be of assistance in diseases in which the immunesystem is implicated as a contributing factor. The medical doctor inEcuador has gathered data which indicates possible value in conditions ofoveractive and underactive immune system such as AIDS, Allergic States,Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Hepatitis, and Lupus like diseases. Weare in the process of verification but do not believe that BIRM is apanacea. It is not intended to diagnosis,treat or cure any condition and should not be viewed as a substitute fororthodox medical treatments.

If you have any health concerns that need medical attention we can referyou or your MD to one of several Doctors who are using BIRM as aplant-derived nutritional supplement which may safely be used as acomplementary treatment because BIRM assists the body's natural healingprocesses.

But for those who simply want to feel better, to have more energy andvitality and feel and look younger AMAZON BIRM may help. Best of all youwill normally see results within 18 days, though to give it a fair trial itshould be taken for a minimum of three months.

The Ecuadorian Doctor who introduced us to AMAZON BIRM has reported to usthat in the many years of its use in Ecuador there have been no adverseside-effects nor any toxicity. However, every human being is unique in ourholistic view, and if any unusual symptoms or signs develop it should bediscontinued.

BIRM is sold (mainly as part of a treatment for cancer, aids and otherimmune related diseases) in Germany and Japan for $500 a bottle, but Merriand I want to make this available to anyone who wants it at a reasonableprice. Therefore the good news is we have arranged for AMAZON BIRM tooffered here for $65 per bottle (between one and two months supply). Thebad news is that the supply is quite limited. AMAZON BIRM is a naturalplant extract that comes from a rare species of plant that grows in onlyone small part of the Amazon so consequently we cannot guarantee havingmore than 200 bottles a month.

With in mind we have created a program where, after a month's trial, youcan have an entire year's supply shipped direct from the Amazon.

You can

If you live outside the U.S. contact Merri at merri@yournewwpsite.comfor a quote on shipping costs.

During these troubled time we all need an extra edge to make positivecontributions that also increase our wealth. The added energy you gainfrom AMAZON BIRM is very special and Merri and are pleased to share it withyou.