Urgent Warning About Attack!

by | Sep 15, 2001 | Archives

From: Gary A. Scott
Subject: Urgent Warning About Attack!

Dear International Friend,

Last night friends from New Delhi sent an urgent note saying that India has gone on Red Alert. They expect to be involved in an attack on Afghanistan and suggest this could create additional tension between India and Pakistan. Considering the mutual nuclear capability of these nations this adds one more warning. As saddened, shocked and upset as we are; more serious social, political, military and economic times may be ahead.

What will happen next? No one knows, but I feel I must share what could happen.

“My earnest desire here is to help during this sad and extremely dangerous time so I will be sending the report free. I would not feel right making a penny out of this sad affair and please feel free to email this to all of your friends worldwide or include them in your request to: urgentreport@yournewwpsite.com…This report outlines the potential risks, what to look for and seven steps you can take to position your wealth if the economy deteriorates…”

If what you read below seems far-fetched, understand that it is natural to deny acceptance of bad things that could be. Who among us, for instance, would have believed events of the last week?

I am not sure the discouraging ideas below will come to fruition. Let's hope they do not. Let's envision some peaceful outcome. Let's pray that our fears and worries are as misplaced as they were with Y2K. Yet we must at least be aware of risks so we can prepare. We do not want to be taken by surprise.

Economically there may be more to the attacks in New York and Washington D.C. than meets the eye. This message explains why.

Imagine a room, panelled, thickly carpeted in deep blue, a table of polished oak, important as the men sitting there. These are powerful men, yet they sweat in fear as the head of the table begins to rise, “The nation is closer to a monetary collapse than we would like to believe,” he says.

Sound like a tense melodrama? Or an emerging market government about to devalue? Think again.

This real scene took place at the headquarters of The Federal Reserve Bank in the USA. The man speaking was Chairman Greenspan in 1987 just after black Friday's October crash. He grimly speculated a run on the dollar, chaos and recession. Despite reassuring public pronouncements, tapes that were kept secret for over a year showed that Greenspan confessed incredible seriousness saying “the nation is closer to a monetary collapse than we would like to believe.”

But this was not the only mid-October crash.

October 1998 brought another crisis that Greenspan could only delay. The Presidential impeachment captured the news and made burying that story easy. Only in July 2001 did Worth Magazine in a nine page hair raising article entitled “Averting a Meltdown” describe the near financial disaster in detail.

Looking at that crisis can show us what to watch for now.

In October 1998 the global financial system collapsed when Russia and much of Latin America and Asia were unable to pay their international debts. This caused the destruction of Long Term Capital Management, a US leveraged mutual fund that owed billions around the world! An LTCM collapse would have ruined numerous important banks! Bankers and finance ministers came to Washington, where the World Bank and IMF explained the global dire straits. So serious was the problem that the head of Merrill Lynch said, “October 3rd I was optimistic. That night I just wanted to crawl under the bed to hide.” The Fed, major banks and Wall Street bailed out LTCM, but financial conditions remained far weaker than anyone realized. Bond markets went haywire and IPOs dried up. There was a great withdrawing of money. By Friday October 9th at 11:45, the price of US Treasury Bonds dropped $3,000 and had a maximum move lock limit down. Liquidity in the world's safest investment died!

On Monday October 12 in a Geneva UN conference for Trade and Development, most finance ministers of emerging markets stated they would be in default soon. Bankers concluded there was no money available and a financial meltdown was about to begin. Greenspan delayed this dangerous situation on Thursday October 15 by putting enough money into the U.S. banking system to push the stock market up. Through skilful timing and good luck from Thursday 3 pm to Friday at 4 pm, US stock indices rose more than six percent adding more than a trillion dollars worth of wealth into the world's monetary system.

The crisis was averted. The stock market went on to boom and turned into the Internet bubble. An era of apparent prosperity appeared to ensue.

Yet, as we now all know, this was just a temporary fix. The Internet bubble was not real and has since burst. Along with this the global economy has slid into a morass.

It appears that the attackers have been waiting for this precise moment of true economic weakness and a time of technical weakness just before October, (always a high risk month) to strike. September and October are the witching months in economics, the time when many stock and currency contracts mature in such a way that there can be great volatility. Anything and everything can go wrong. The world was already ripe for an October crisis. The terrorists have tried to give this potential disaster a push so now we are perhaps at our most precarious economic moment since 1929.

The Fed has already reacted exactly as in the past. Interest rates have been lowered. Liquidity is being pumped into the banks. What happens if these actions this time are not enough?

We must prepare immediately for the possibility of a monetary collapse.

Trillions of dollars lent to third world nations are gone. Unimaginable fortunes have already been lost. The airline and travel business is dead. Stocks could be devastated. Our pensions (and the Social Security trust) could be wiped out. US consumers, the last force driving the global economy, may stop buying. The economy of the world can implode and collapse!

I do not want to sound like a doomsayer, but never in my 34 years of economic writing have I seen so much potential for real economic disaster.

Plus there is one more problem.

There are too many unanswered questions about the recent attack on New York and Washington that are left unexplained. There may be things about the attack on America we are not being told that will be kept secret for a year or more. Here are just a few:

Why on very busy routes were flights from Boston so empty (and thus easy to highjack)? Yet if the planes were so empty why couldn't two friends travelling to LA get on the same flight? (One took AA and one United and both died.)

If bin Laden is responsible for this horrendous act, why did he disclaim responsibility? This man is a billionaire who gave up every imaginable creature comfort for his beliefs (as incorrect as they are). Why in what he would consider his finest moment of glory, after years of stealth and planning, does he deny responsibility? Would Islamic militants, fervent enough to die for their cause, spend the night prior to sacrificing their lives drinking Vodka, which is forbidden in their religion? Would these same drinkers after living for years in the US and having wives and kids still so quickly and accurately answer the call?

Can three men with tiny knives cover an entire planeload of people? Why when so many planes dropped off the radar screen was not there more alerts?

These questions and many others lead me to wonder about controllers, who manipulate politics, governments and global financial systems for their own good and at everyone else's expense. I wrote about the controllers, why and how they work in my book, The 65th Octave, https://garyascott.com/65thoctave/ which was released earlier this year. Though I find it hard to believe in a unified group trying to dominate the world, there are many people who would benefit from a war (politicians, businesses and nations).

If there is any element of truth in this concern, then these controllers are not likely to stop if the recent attacks do not push the world's economy over the edge.

Those who are more interested in filling their pocketbooks instead of solving genuine world problems now may push along events.

We must take great care not to be deceived by such self-serving groups.

We cannot ignore these risks. To help make sure we are not be caught as innocent financial victims, I am preparing a special urgent report explaining the full details of what types of economic disaster could take place and what to do to protect your wealth.

We can only hope and pray that the potential disasters will be averted. There is little we can do in the short term beyond prayer that will alter global economic events. This die has already been cast. But there are alterations we can make in our financial position that will help protect our own personal wealth.

This report outlines the potential risks, what to look for and seven steps you can take to position your wealth if the economy deteriorates.

My earnest desire here is to help during this sad and extremely dangerous time so I will be sending the report free. I would not feel right making a penny out of this sad affair and please feel free to email this to all of your friends worldwide or include them in your request to: urgentreport@yournewwpsite.com

In the meantime Merri and I ask you to join us and our many international friends in sending prayers for constraint, compassion and world peace in these most difficult times.