Value Markets and Big Savings

by | Sep 8, 2001 | Archives

Many readers have asked me for information on the State Street Global Advantage Funds that invest on the value ratings offered by Michael Keppler.

Information on these funds can be obtained from:

	Ms. Martina Basten	State Street Bank (Lux.) S.A.	47 boulevard Royal	L-2449 Luxembourg	Tel.    (00352) 4640 10860	Fax.    (00352) 2643 1325	e-mail:

Investors who decide to invest should mention that you are a Gary Scott reader as the fund will reduce the five percent load to zero-load

The State Street Global Advantage Top Value Major Market Fund outperformed the benchmark MSCI World Index by some 4percentage points in August. The bad news is that it lost money, since the MSCI World Index was down more than 8 %.

Until next message good global business and investing!