Dow at 8800?

by | Sep 5, 2001 | Archives

Evidence that the Dow will drop dramatically in coming months is offered by one of the conservative members of the New York Stock Exchange below.

No one can see the future, but the data shown in the article offered by H.D. Brous and Co at their website confirms some of the negative data we have been seeing about shares over the past weeks.

This is why bolstering our investments in other areas such as emerging markets Argentine bonds or using leveraged multi currency portfolios makes more and more sense now.

Here is the latest leveraged multi currency portfolio recommended by Jyske bank which offers a 14.6% per annum return.

This is a diversified Multi-Currency Sandwich based on borrowing Japanese yen and Singapore dollars and investing the loans into seven investments. The example below shows $50,000 invested and $50,000 borrowed (60% in Japanese yen at 2.125%, and 40% in Singapore dollars at 4.625%). Jyske takes a one time 1% up front loan fee of $500. $99,500 is invested as below:

  5%     Icelandic dollar Save Acct    11%               $  547.5025%     Polish Zloty Savings Acct      14.625%           $3,637.9725%     Hungarian Florin Sv Act         9.759%           $2,425.3110%     Euro Mexican Bond 2008          7.37%            $  696.5015%     Australian GMAC 6.5% 2005 bond  6.17%            $  925.3510%     Norwegian Kroner Savings Act    6.50%            $  646.7510%     Jyske Bank Emerging Market Fund Growth                -60%     Japanese Yen Loan               2.125%          -$  637.5040%     Singapore Dollar Loan           4.625%          -$  925.00                                         Total return    $7,316.88This is a 14.6% return.

You can learn all the details of how to use the Multicurrency Tactic with my course “Borrow Low-Deposit High”. You can order this extensive course here

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I have also posted details about leveraged Argentine loans in the latest world reports which is available to eClub members.

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