Stay Away!

by | Aug 23, 2001 | Archives

Here is a message from a reader that everyone should hear loud and clear!

Here is a message from a reader in response to my urgent alert on Argentina which pointed out that now may be the best time to get great yields on Argentine bonds.


My reply to this reader is, “You should not invest in Argentine bonds until you know whether “now” is the right time for you.. The evolutionary cycle of investing is:

  1. Get an idea that leads to enthusiasm.
  2. Let the enthusiasm lead to an education.
  3. Let the education lead to action.
  4. The action will create a profit or loss and experience.
  5. The experience will lead to more ideas.

The cycle repeats, going deeper, getting wiser and being more fulfilled!

I share ideas, not recommendations. My suggestions about Argentina have been followed by warnings and advice on how and who this fits.

The morale of these warnings is do what you love because you'll become immersed. If you have to rely on my advice about when to get in and out then you should stay out. My goals may different dramatically to yours. I may have higher or lower risk tolerance. I may have more or less money I can afford to lose. I may know more or less about Argentina. Plus what will you do if I am on vacation or busy conducting a seminar when it is the day to sell Argentine bonds?

The day of the guru is dead as I will explain tomorrow!

Until then, good global business and investing!