Embrace Change

by | Aug 22, 2001 | Archives

Here it comes and we can't do a thing about it!

Forest's silence cut by sweet songs of waterfall that rise on a warm mountain air. Blackberries and dew, glistening like purple diamonds and golden leaves floating. Summer's ripe wardrobe offers its richest plumes claiming joy in its plump fullness even as it begins to fade in the specters of fall.

Little Horse Creek in deep woods. Though the equinox is weeks away and the leaves still green still green, some slight curling can be seen and their first hints of orange. An inexplicable feeling. Autumn is here, some little morning crispness, a mourning in the wind, added silence in the air.

Such are the cycles of life. Change. That's life and we baby boomers (as we approach our mid fifties) are beginning to know more and more what this is all about!

A recent article in USA Today entitled “Maturing boomers smack the silver ceiling”, tells how boomers, now in or approaching their fifties, who are hit with pink slips, find it harder to find new jobs because they are perceived as too old.

The same front page also declares, “U.S. Taps Social Security Reserves.” Boomers shiver, thinking about retirement and social security that might be delayed or not even be there.

Who moved my cheeseWe must (as has always been the reality in this relative universe we create) always move forward into the unknowing and yet the unknown is what most investors and businesses fear most (a good book to read about this is “Who Moved My Cheese”. The message, embrace change!

This is why we conduct courses (Oct 12-14 here at Merrily Farms and Nov 2-4 in Orlando that focus on how to make money from one's passion because passion cuts through the fear of change.

So whatever you are doing today in love, life, business or investing, ask yourself what new one thing can I see that has changed. How can I do something about this that will make my life (and the lives of all around) better!

Do this and you will always have good global business and investing!