Blackberries and Mountain Dew

by | Aug 13, 2001 | Archives

Blackberries and corn are ripe here and this can mean something special for you!

Merri and I are picking the ripe, succulent wild mountain blackberries every day now. We harvest enough to make at least one longevity cobbler a week all year long! Right now we have so much more and many delegates tell us they would come back for the weekend just to enjoy the food, even if we did not have an educational course!

We have a small group here now and while they were learning here is what Merri whipped up in the kitchen: squash – pecan – leek pie (the squash and leeks are fresh from our organic garden), corn picked from our garden minutes before it hit the pot, tomatoes and basil, gathered with the corn, in virgin olive oil plus a sauteed quinoa loaf (a delicious Incan health protein specialty).

In the evening she served us blackberry (handpicked by yours truly) cobbler with ripe Georgia peaches.

This diet is not only extraordinarily delicious but healthy too. For example even the cobbler contains secret ingredients to make it healthy (we explain at the course)! Merri and I have spent years with Incan and Indian specialists in longevity learning all about ways to make our food healthier. We even have a secret non decaffeinated coffee that can help you live longer and be more vital in every way. You'll taste it at the farm and learn its secrets.

Longevity is one of the optional features we talk about at all of our courses here.

The longer we live, the healthier we are, the sharper, the clearer, the more money we can make.

So we hope you will join us for this extraordinary summer feast of knowledge and food here at Merrily farms!

Until next message, good global business and investing!