Quantum Wealth, Lesson 2

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Alabaster minarets and a golden arch. Ochre shadows from setting sun cast patterns on laden tables sultry in the salt air. Market perfumes lurk in purple alleyways and beckon the milling crowd.

Istanbul, Turkey, 1998. Merri and I watched the market, its hoards of shoppers shuffling through a square overlooked by graceful Mosques and a McDonald's restaurant. Such a land of contrasts, Europe and Asia meeting here at the Bosporus Strait in a melange that creates one of the most exotic, diverse cities in the world. East and West. Mind and Heart. Mystic and Logic, Ancient temples and modern skyscrapers. Whirling Sufi dervishes gracefully spinning for God and all dancers at modern discos lost in the material world. Istanbul has it all and in many ways represents nature's irony that requires two contrasts to fit before something can be whole.

For example a successful businessman must see the big picture but pay attention to the most minute detail. A great leader serves the needs of the masses by preserving the rights of the individual.

We looked last lesson at how to assure permanent wealth by uniting the heart and mind. This is not an idea that is particularly new. In the world of business and investing most of us have heard and/or used a well worn (but powerful) clichés based around “we are what we think”.

Most of us have used at least one success oriented method based on the power of positive aphorisms. Yet such aphorisms don't always work and there is more of a scientific explanation about uniting the mind and heart and why it actually does bring success. We saw a bit of this in Lesson One when we considered the unusual but apparently real nature of quantum physics. In this lesson let's look deeper into quantum mechanics of reality and how we think so we can look for ways to apply better apply our entire being to the process of making, keeping and enjoying wealth.

We can get to the quantum level of reality simply by looking realistically at ourselves. We appear solid, but most of us believe that we are actually a huge number of molecules surrounded by vast amounts of space. We also believe that if we delve deeply enough the molecules are not solid either, but are composed of enormous numbers of tiny atoms spinning in gargantuan spaces. Looking even further we find these atoms are not solid either but composed of neutrons, protons, electrons, etc. Then we can drop even further to a place where these tiny bits and pieces that compose us are built upon even smaller bits of stuff. Finally…we reach the quantum state. This is the point where these tiniest parts of nature act in a seemingly impossible way.

Sometimes they act like energy. Other times they act like stuff.

So what is the determining factor? What forces this deepest fundamental of our being to shift from matter to energy? The answer is where I start to get lost. The answer is that observation is the determining factor between matter and energy. The answer is that our intention, attention, focus or consciousness actually creates the universe in which we live. This is a problem in my mind because it is hard to visualize consciousness as such a powerful force. Science however suggest that it is.

Yet to grasp this I have to reread and reread the first chapter about quantum computers to assure myself that this is real. Unlike electricity (which is also very difficult to understand) quantum fluctuations do not show themselves so easily in our material world. Yet many big firms are investing billions in this belief. As hard as it is to imagine, this is scientifically real!

Since we humans are part of this quantum universe we create, we must be connected to this mercurial aspect of nature. The essence of quantum wealth is understanding this fact and learning how to use our mind and heart to be aware of this level and to actually think in and influence this part of reality. Science suggests that if we do this we can alter the very fabric of nature.

Emerald sparkles of sunlight dance on balmy waters and dapple over groves of coconut and palm. Setting sun rays cut through moist tropical air filled with drum sounds that dance through ripe jungles announcing the day is nearly done.

Suva, Fiji, 1971. One of the great amazements on this exotic island are the fire walkers. They walk on red hot coals, yet their feet are not burned. Simple logic and science tells us this is impossible, yet it appears true. What is the trick?

Not until 30 years later, (after I had studied meditation for decades) and my son went to a fire waking seminar did I understand how these fire walkers might be using quantum mechanics to walk on these hot coals. After my son returned from this all day seminar (which thousands attended and walked on glowing hot coals without burning themselves!) I asked him what was the trick. “Cool moss”, he replied. “We just focused on the words 'cool moss'.”

This and my studies of meditation helped me realize that fire walkers are able to perform their apparent magic through is the power of a sutra.

Sutras are words that bind the universe (like sutures – this may be a more realistic description than we realize). Sutras are how yogis gain great strength and perform acts that appear impossible. Sutras are focused thoughts so organized that they work at this deepest level of existence where quantum mechanics count.

Programs based around the power of positive thinking are based around creating action through repetition of a word, phrase or an idea. A sutra is similar to this, an idea or concept wrapped up in a word or two that is so focused it actually alters the universe as we know it. Thus fire walkers focus on their sutra, “cool moss” or whatever word they have that alters the way fire affects feet!

Yet aphorisms do not always work. People may say “I am great” again and again, but for some reason they do not believe this. Then in others cases we hear about miracles such as tiny women lifting large trucks or performing some other physical impossibility when one of their children is threatened. They perform impossible feats. Why do so many fail and at other times some succeed in this most unexpected way? The difference is a depth of emotion (which is why I recommend turning your passion into profit). In the examples of the miracles the emotion of love and desire to protect a child allows these mother to somehow alter the very fabric of nature.

The goal of this “Quantum Wealth” course is to learn how to think at this deep level in such a concentrated way that one always succeeds. One in fact becomes success. To learn how to think in this way, let's begin by taking a look at how we think.

The key to quantum wealth is union (this word comes from the root yoke) of our thoughts with the reality that is the foundation of this apparent, solid universe in which we live. The binder of this union is emotion. Man has been familiar with this fact for eons and it is described in the Hindu religion as “perfect yoga”. In Christianity,” mystic union” is one well used term. In business and sports it is often referred to in the modern vernacular as “being in the zone”.

Quantum wealth is to focus the thought waves of the mind so that abundance always flows. One could even say that quantum wealth uses thought waves to create a universe where one is the creator of prosperity.

So what is there to focus?

The mind is composed of three components, a recording facility that observes impressions collected by the senses, the discriminative aspect that classifies this information and acts upon it and the self-sense that makes these impressions personal, unique and seemingly real. For example if you are on a picnic out in some farmer's field the recording facility may report, “a large object is approaching”. The discriminator may say, “that object is a bull that is angry”! The self-sense may scream, “that bull is after me”! Later while sitting high in the branches of a tree, the same self-sense may exclaim “I know about bulls and I must beware.”

This process of observation to classification to personalization creates an error, because it suggests that each of us are separate from the rest of the universe. Quantum mechanics suggests that we are all connected. At the root level of existence quantum reality exists in all of us and in everything This mental error stops us from really believing at an emotional level that we can influence the entire universe. We think we are thinking and we think we are intelligent and that every event we observe is our unique event. Quantum science tells us this is not correct. We are only an instrument that a universal knowledge flows through. We are like a light bulb that might think it is the light, but it is not.

The self sense however normally blinds us to this reality and stops us from concentrating at the level where thought can really count.

This is the hardest course I have ever written because so many of the ideas are so counter intuitive. In fact when I first tried writing this I gave up and wrote a novel (the 65th Octave) which covers these ideas in a different way. So instead of getting ahead of ourselves, I'll stop here. This is an interactive course so please send your questions and comments that will help me decide how to go forward with this course. This course, like the universe will be created in part by your thoughts.