Avoid the Lebanese Loop

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Avoid the Lebanese Loop

Here is another scam from an alert reader.

		>Gary I got this email from a friend today on an ATM scam:

>Subject: Warning to ATM users

>"Just wanted to warn you about something that
>happened to one of the guys the
>other day. He was getting some cash
>out at the cash point outside a bank ATM. He
>put his card in and a message came up on the screen saying the
>machine was temporarily out of order. A lady approached him and told him that
>this had happened to her the other day and what he needed to do was key
>his pin number in and then press cancel twice. He did this and of course
>no card was returned.

>He left the machine thinking that it had swallowed his card. But when he
>returned to HSBC the following morning, his card wasn't there.

>According to the police, this method of stealing
>bank cards is called the "Lebanese loop". A plastic envelope is made up
>that fits the hole in the machine perfectly.

>When you put your card in, the machine knows it is there but cannot read
>it and therefore the message comes up on the screen.

>Once the pin number has been given away and the
>card left in the machine, the envelope is then 'looped' out and the
>spending starts! The women who approached him at the cash
>point was late 40's in age, 5.3 in height, dark hair and eyes. The way
>she was dressed was smart as if she had just left work."

There is no verification to this story yet. My technical knowledge of ATMS is not sufficient to know if this makes sense.

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