Healings From a Wounded Knee

by | Jul 13, 2001 | Archives

Many of us remember Wounded Knee and what it meant, the big changes it brought to the way millions thought. This created a balancing that helped many parts of a nation heal. Yet we can learn much more from events like this if we know that everything has many meanings and if we learn how to look for and find these messages.

Here is a tip that relates to this and can help you understand investing…and everything else…better! This is how some of the best investors in the world think! Let me explain.

The core message in a one hour workshop entitled “Quantum Wealth” I recently conducted at several bookstores in Florida, was “As is above, so below. All is one. Everything is connected. We not only are what we think, our thoughts create our universe. If we look deeply enough, we can change everything, even the results of investments in our physical world. But we cannot do it for just the money. We must look more deeply than cash!” How do we know where to look? Look at the clues in our everyday lives.

At the end of one of these workshops one of the delegates began to cry. “What's wrong,” I asked. “I have to thank you,” she exclaimed.” I worked closely with Warren Buffet and his minister for many years. He used to tell me these same things and life and my finances were so good. Then I left and went looking for just more money instead. I ignored the big picture and the little clues. Everything fell apart. I not only lost money, but so much more, happiness, health, friends, all because I abandoned this simple policy. Now I am going to return to this way of life”

This message is so simple. Every big event, creates little clues that can lead to even bigger ideas. Spotting good ideas can make your investing (and life) better. A big Wounded Knee may create big changes but even if you wound your own knee, there are clues in the event that can bring you riches and wealth. What is below is also above! Small events are as important as those that are large, if you look. All is one. Everything is connected. Get in the habit of looking deeper than what you first observe. You'll be amazed at what you see.

I will repeat this one hour Quantum Wealth workshop at our upcoming courses July 27 to 29 and August 24 to 26. Until then, Good global investing!