Ecuador Update

by | Jul 7, 2001 | Archives

Here is a fabulous hacienda anyone can afford!

“eClub member Mark Burris ( reports that a hacienda is for sale located near Santa Ana for the person who does not mind inconveniences in exchange for spectacular views, fresh mountain air, and working with animals? If so, there is a hacienda for sale (1) hour south of Quito in the small farming/cattle town of Santa Ana waiting for you. Located on (11) hectares of land or (27.18) acres, this hacienda is a project waiting to happen. The road to the hacienda, made entirely of stone, is very bad in certain places, but could easily be repaired to acceptable condition with a little time and effort. The hacienda includes (20) dairy cows, and a small house (45) sq. meters or approximately (450) sq. feet in size at the top of the mountain. Electricity is available only by gas powered generators.

Water is available on the property but is not portable except for livestock and farming, so all drinking water will have to be brought up to the house. There is plenty of room however to build a water storage tank and purification system if desired. Priced at only $100,000 this hacienda is the buy of the week. (photos available by email).”

This sounds like a smaller version of the 800 acres Merri and I have in Ecuador. Great for the adventure and the soul. Until next message, good global travels!