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Secrets of success have little to do with cash and money.

Learn here the most important secret  to success… I am convinced that the most important  wealth and success secret is doing what you love.

This opposes the normal tradition where  people get jobs to create income and not always success.  The sad secret is that they work to live and support their lifestyle while attempting to spend less than they earn.  Is this really success? Maybe the savings will bring, some time in the future, a lifestyle of doing something enjoyable without work.

Secrets in Quantum Wealth reverses these priorities. Instead of working for money to save and invest the focus is on doing something that is enjoyed now in some profitable way.

For example, if you love golf; instead of working six days a week, 50 weeks a year just to golf on Sundays and during short vacations, instead create a business in some aspect of the golfing trade.

In another example, a client of mine, who loved animals became a vet. But he learned that the vet’s lifestyle was not one he enjoyed. He wanted to travel and move around, which is difficult for a professional who needs to stay at his office and build a practice. So he built a business that prepares special animal foods for race horses. Now he travels globally visiting horse breeders and makes much more money as well.

Quantum Wealth combines money with time, energy and desires. The desire generates income as desire and fulfillment become at least as, if not more, important as the money.

Quantum wealth works in part because when we love to do something, we do it better, for longer and with greater enthusiasm. Yet as you will see the tactics we will learn here go a bit further than that (to the roots of all existence to be exact).

But before we get tin this science let me add that because Quantum Wealth has wealth building attributes that cannot fail, does not mean we should suddenly abandon our jobs and try becoming golf pros, when we have never been able to break 100.

For example, as a writer and lecturer, I was never fully satisfied sitting behind a desk or standing on a podium all day long, even though I was making over a million bucks a year. I’m the physical, outdoors type and yearned for exercise and the wilds of the deep woods. “What good’s the money if this isn’t fun?” I often asked myself.

Rather than quit writing and teaching, I looked for ways to combine these professions with the outdoor life. Through research I learned that many city folk like myself yearn to be in the primitive outdoors. So I bought an isolated farm high in the Blue Ridge Mountains and an Andean plantation high in Ecuador where I am developing seminar centers with charming but simple dwellings, set in rustic surroundings, with clean water and pure air. Now I can teach in a primitive setting and after I finish the writing or talking, I run up into the woods with an axe and clear another cabin site or something physical like that. I’ve combined my writing with physical work and have blended the life I want, with my readers’ needs in a way that makes great financial sense. The cabins are projected to bring more profits than most stocks or bonds could ever return.

The process took six years to shift and we are far from finished. But while I’m doing what I love, who cares? This is one of the great benefits of Quantum Wealth. We can slow down and enjoy the work instead of always rushing ahead, looking for something more.

Those who work nine to five can begin part time if they are too uneasy to quit their jobs. Others, who like myself, already have a business can slowly shift their product or service in a sensible way and let it evolve.

Quantum Wealth goes beyond just gaining more enjoyment in life. The system may actually create life and our entire existence.

Over the past several years I have been studying deeper economic concepts such as Quantum Wealth and whenever I have problems believing what I find I reread an article from the Money section of the July 15 issue of USA Today an article entitled “Beyond the PC: Atomic QC”. This article is about the new line of computers that will over take the PC in two or three decades from now. What you will read there is so bizarre, if I just wrote it here, without the support of this article, you might think I have totally flipped. I am not adverse to being accused of having strange thoughts. That’s what you pay me for. I also don’t mind being on the leading edge even though it is sometimes sharp. I was ridiculed, cursed and dismissed by the establishment for many years in the 70s when I had the audacity to suggest we should be investing beyond the USA. In those days many traditional investment advisors called me unpatriotic. The last thirty years have proven that it is the very heart of the American spirit to invest globally.

These investments have not only helped our nation but the entire world. Recently a marketing manager refused to work on my reports because in the manager’s words my ideas were in conflict with the teachings of Jesus Christ. So despite the fact that my meditation room is adorned with pictures of Jesus Christ and I pray twice everyday without fail, I guess I’ve now also been called a heretic as well as unpatriotic.

But that’s the beauty of this free world. We can respect the opinions of others but have our own! I have enough experience to know I have to follow my mind and heart in what I share with you. I have also learned that all too often today’s blasphemy turns out to be tomorrow’s gospel. However it’s nice, once in awhile, to be backed up by the establishment such as in this USA Today article.

The article states Atomic Quantum computers (QC) will probably take the world into the next era of information technology. The QC works in Qubits of processing power and has a different type of logic (which works on the principles of quantum mechanics) that makes their speed immense. For example a forty qubit (IBM labs have already created up to three qubit computers) processor would have all the power of today’s super computers, but would be enormously faster. A Quantum computer would be a billion times faster than a Pentium III PC. According to the article, a current super computer trying to find one number in a database of all the world’s phone books would take one month. A quantum computer would take 27 minutes !

Labs around the world are pushing this science hard. IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Bell Labs, UC Berkeley are just a few U.S. concerns that have invested heavily in this technology. Because these computers will be able to break any type of code or encryption, the CIA, Pentagon etc. are both very nervous yet interested all at the same time. The government has set up a well-funded quantum computer lab at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The point? What I am about to write is not science fiction nor airy-fairy stuff. Billions are already being invested by some of the largest companies and governments in the world.

Yet all this investing is in something you may not be able to understand or even worse can’t even believe. According to the article, Charles Bennett, IBM’s best known quantum computer scientist says, “It takes a great deal of courage to accept these things. If you do, you have to believe in a lot of other strange things.”

MIT’s Neil Gershenfeld, who with IBM’s Issac Chuang built the most successful Quantum computer to date, says, “Nature knows how to compute. We just don’t know how to ask the right questions.” Here is how the computer works. All atoms have a spin of up or down, so scientists can use these spins in the same way that transistors are currently used in today’s computers to represent a 0 or 1.

So far so good, but here is where the quantum factors come in that are the source of the amazing power of these computers. Atoms can have both an up or down spin at the same time until they are measured. The act of measuring forces the atom to choose between up or down. In essence what these scientists are saying is it’s not the atom that has the spin, but the act of observation ! In other words, these computers do not depend on matter but on motion.

Remember I am simply passing on what USA Today says IBM, Hewlett Packard, the U.S. Government and others are spending billions on right now. But Quantum weirdness does not end here. The article continues by saying that qubits don’t do calculations in linear form like current computers. They instead do all possible calculations at the same time, straddling all possible answers until the act of measuring the qubits forces them to settle on an answer.

Weirder still? According to the article, the Quantum computer holds an infinite number of right answers for an infinite number of universes (remember I am not writing this, the USA Today article and the computers already exist). The computer just gives you the right answer for the universe you happen to be in at the time. To believe in Quantum computers (which our government and private industry is spending billions on) we have to believe in parallel universes.

Even Weirder ! Quantum computers gain even more power because of a process called entanglement. When two atoms are observed by the same force, they become entangled and remain so even though they may be light years apart.

Their spins are in all positions at once, but the instant one entangled atom is observed its spin goes one way. At that same instant, the spin of the other particle locks in the opposite direction ( even though they are light years apart ). This is essential to the increased speed of Quantum computers. Today’s computers are limited to the speed which an electron can pass through a wire (the speed of light). With entanglement, a quantum computer’s speed can blow by today’s computers because the shift in spin even over light years is instantaneous! In addition because of entanglement according to USA Today, there are ways to do Star Trek type teleportation. Remember I am not writing these words. According to USA Today, Stan Williams of Hewlett-Packard says, “The potential is so huge and it would be so disruptive it could completely change the way at least some computing is done.”

Enough of USA today. I hope that by reading what I have written here and by reading the USA Today article (if you still have any doubts) you will wake up to two facts.

First, realize that about the time we finally have our computers and programs down pat and have adjusted to life on the Internet, all will totally change in ways we can’t even yet comprehend. So much for getting ready for the Internet era. By the time we are ready it will be gone! Second, this article shows that what makes quantum mechanics work is our attention and intention. When we unite our heart and mind, body and soul in a true desire we make things happen!

In other words if we do what we love we actually increase our ability to succeed.

Tough to accept? Maybe but science suggest this is true and Quantum Wealth is a course on the magic of enjoying life so we can make wealth happen. This is a mystical course in some ways as it has to touch your heart, not your mind. To do so I’ll end this first session with a poem written by the 14th century Kasmiri poetess Lala tells us this wonderful truth in a hauntingly beautiful poem:

“Dance with nothing on but air. Sing wearing nothing but the sky. Look out on the glowing day. What clothes could be so beautiful? What clothes could be so sacred?”

We do not have to do something special or different to become rich. The pure beauty in living our regular, daily activities can bring us unimaginable wealth. In fact my studies of truly successful people have found that the real success of extraordinary investors and business people lay in their ordinariness. They profit even as they walk out onto a street and spot a new item in a store, or order some new type of meal in a restaurant. Their success comes from within, a deep, intuitive spark. “Here is something people will want or here is a business that can grow,” they will say. They feel the reason why there will be success because they are in touch with that which is ordinary within! Then they apply their measures, numbers, etc. to integrate their external disciplines with the internal strengths they possess.

Quantum wealth comes from learning how to tap the quantum knowledge which is within us all and applying this wisdom to the financial knowledge that we already possess.

Be what you are. Just be it better and clearer! Look at the process more. There are millions just like you who buy, sell. These are your markets, unique and better for you than any others. Understanding yourself is understanding an entire world. Knowing and really feeling this fact is the source of genuine confidence.

This course is interactive so cynics, send me your complaints. I am ready! Those of you have had a mystical inexplicable experience (especially financial) I want to share those too. Until then, I wish you magical business and investing!


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