International Business Made EZ 2001, Lesson 1

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Lesson One-Session One

* HOW TO MARKET YOUR PRODUCT: Your international business can give you the freedom and independence to live in the way you choose. Learn more about this starting below.

* WHAT TO DO FIRST: Create a formula for your international business. Profitable businesses begin with a dream, but success comes from good marketing. Learn one secret that can help you sell better now and save thousands of bucks!

Tropical clouds race…dark, massive ghosts hitting wave tops and turning horizons into flat, metal grey. Warm winds howl and whip. The surf, frenzied foam with heavy rollers, pulls us toward the sea. Dull skies turn khaki green, like smoke, ugly, brightened only by distant lightning flickering wickedly in the gathering storm.

Naples, Florida standing in the surf at the beginning of a tropical storm. Merri and I lived in Naples for years and walked the beach every day. At the first sign of these summer rain showers we headed out and walked in air pregnant with damp, hot air building, flickering ready to erupt into a torrent of rain. Today one band of rough weather already passed over whipping the sea into a roaring rage of white water and sound. We took a break, walked down to the surf, jumped in, letting the wet richness beat the stresses out of the day.

I was trying to write this lesson for you and was feeling tension because this part of the course contains truths, which are so important. These are underlying truths, which cover the fundamentals of marketing, a point so vital it can guarantee success. I understand it so well I use it all the time. It has grown to be an integral part of my being and soul. But how can I explain what has taken me a lifetime to understand in simple, easy to understand terms? How can I make this point visible and easily understood?

Then in that raging surf, my thoughts suddenly turned to my long passed grandfather. He had been a Scottish fisherman. I wondered if these unexpected remembrances of him were brought on by the fierceness of the sea. I can remember when my grandfather was as fierce as a tropical storm to me. Actually he wasn't fierce at all, he was just so tough that to a wee, young laddie he seemed fierce.

He led a hard life at sea. Beginning age 14 as a fisherman's apprentice, he worked from four every morning until late at night. I can only imagine the cold, the wet, the tossing North Sea in winter, the smell of the salt and dead fish, of being cramped into small, icy, damp quarters, facing the raging sea in a tiny fishing boat. But I can hardly imagine dealing with the winter months of dark, never seeing land by light of day.

But Grandpa worked his way up, became a Royal Naval officer in WWI. He was a merchant marine in WWII, torpedoed by the Japanese, survived a long wait in shark infested waters. You can see Grandpa was tough! Though small, he was also incredibly strong. A few big men who made the mistake of trying to pick on little Joe sadly learned that fact. Hauling the nets had made his hands like iron grips, his arms like legs and his legs like steel. He wasn't particularly a nice man. He used to say that he “Di nay wear his heart on his sleeve.” And he didn't.

I'm grateful though that while young, I worked for him, because it is good for me when my teachers are tough. He was not especially lovable either, but I learned to respect Grandpa a lot. He taught me much, the value of hard work and how to push when necessary. But he also taught me how and when to rest. To him, the value of pacing was high on his list of priorities. The importance of being steady was paramount. “Ya have ta last ell day and be ready to get up again in the moorn,” he would say. “Ye'll be workin agin in the moorn and ye must always be ready to give an honest day's work.” Being steady was an important lesson I learned.

The most important lesson though was his favorite saying. “Laddie, ye'll be finding no free lunches in this world.” He used to say that to me almost every day. Grandpa would never have considered himself a marketing man, but he sold me on those lessons he gave so many years ago. Maybe it was not surprising as I stood there in the surf hammered by those warm tropical waves, thinking about how to best share my philosophies on marketing, that I started thinking about Grandpa and the lessons he had taught me.

Suddenly I realized it was harsh lessons that brought him to mind, not the sea. Those lessons were so ingrained in every thing I do that they even form the foundation of my marketing strategies. I had never understood before how important the philosophies of “no free lunch” and “giving good value” were fundamental parts of all of my marketing plans.

Somehow Grandpa was there in those waves with me. His tough steadiness had lasted all these years and came with the waves to help me pass on the wisdom he had so agonizingly learned and passed on to me. That wisdom had helped him survive an incredibly harsh life of hazards, danger and the upheaval of deep, deep changes. The same wisdom has helped me (in a much easier life) have more than I had ever imagined through global marketing.

I realized at that moment how privileged I was to receive that knowledge from Grandpa and how honored I am to share it here with you.

I've rushed back from the beach. The rain was pouring down outside. I sat there in my wet bathing suit typing fast to get the thoughts out just as they came to me in flashes.

Here is the lesson Grandpa gave me and how they can now help you market your own international business!


There is an idea at which Grandpa hammered away that lays in the story, which you just read. The idea is of incredible importance. It can make the difference between failure and success. The true story about my grandfather I shared with you contains enough marketing ploys for your business to be a raving success.

But I want you to stop reading for a moment. Grandpa's way was not to give the answers to me. Instead he gave me challenges and then sort of kicked me along if I didn't see the answers he wanted me to see. Eventually after enough kicking, I learned to look at what I was doing and learned from every challenge.

The idea above is so important I want you to stop reading further and reread the last two pages again. Reread the above and think about what you and I shared and what you read. Look at the whole picture and really think about what you thought, what you felt, everything. Then write all of this down before you carry on reading. Since this is a correspondence course, I can't kick you along until you find the answers for yourself, but if you'll really stop now, reread and then write your thoughts, I promise, you will gain more from this lesson.

Stop Here – Reread – Then Write

If you reread this message, thought about them and wrote down what was written, the way it was written, what was said and what you gained and felt, you are ready to proceed. If you have not, this is your last chance to stop and do this before you read on.

Okay, let's look at the marketing idea.

In the writing I revealed in a subtle way the fundamental keys I have used to successfully market my products. This fundamental has made millions for me. Though I often describe myself as an economist, financial analyst and most proudly as a teacher, if I had to describe my business as one type above all others, I would probably conclude that my business is first and foremost selling.

The keys to selling is to make your selling story appeal to a reader's emotions. People buy with their emotions and then use their logic to rationalize the purchase.

Now let me share a really inexpensive way to do this. Big corporations use research firms and advertising agencies. They spend millions of bucks for what you can do for almost nothing. Here is how.

Figure out a place where your potential customer is. Take for example a magazine. Go there and look for other successful advertisers. Look at their advertising and study everything you can about it. Then write (I call it conversion) your ad in the same vein as theirs.

For your homework I earlier asked you to look at for two reasons

First because I wanted you to see the mission statement of this firm.

“Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world. -Horst Rechelbacher”

We live in the era of The Dream Society and in business values are often more important than value. This is a company that sells expensive cosmetics and we can see how they sell their values right up front.

But the second reason I wanted you to look here is because I used Aveda's excellent marketing skills in cosmetics to sell one of my Ecuadorian tours. Let me explain. I decided to take a group of people to Ecuador to study the health and longevity tactics of the Andeans. This was a complete departure form my normal financial business so I had to figure out how and where to advertise as health tours were not focused to my financial readers.

I figured that magazines distributed in health food stores would be read by people interested in health tours, so I picked up a copy of Natural Awakenings, a magazine distributed free through health food stores across the U.S.

I studied the ads. Aveda's ad which featured a pretty girl and was entitled “Turn Heads” caught me. I picked up other out of date copies (I did not want to convert an ad that had run once and failed) and studied them. I converted the “Turn Heads” ad which stressed the value of having beauty into an ad entitled “Fly Again” which stressed the value of having health and youthfulness. We filled up the tour. This is an interactive course so I want you to figure out what your product is or might be, find a publication (or whatever) where buyers for this product may be and select an ad. Send it to me and I will convert select samples in the next session of this first lesson. I am conducting my course on How to have an International Business in Orlando this weekend so the next lesson won't be until next week. Until then, good international business!

I will conduct my next International Business Made EZ course here at the farm On August 24-25-26. This course is a practical, hands-on course developed from 33 years experience of international business from home…with no employees (that made millions)! This makes international business so easy even my Mom, a retired 76 year old grandmother, could participate. (I showed her how to turn her doll collecting hobby into a business.) Yet this course is accepted by many US State Boards of Continuing Education for attorneys and CPAs!

Here's some things you'll learn: #1: How to start your own international business. #2: Real-life case studies – practical examples – different types of international business you can start now. #3: How to increase your security, independence, freedom, wealth and well-being through your own business. #4: The professional contacts you need to help make your business profitable and tax-efficient. #5: Why global businesses are immune to recessions. How to turn your passion to profit.

Everything about running your own successful international business is in the course. How to get started, develop a product or service, where to find clients and customers, how to choose hot markets, the risks versus the rewards, where to advertise, asset protection and tax advantages, how to cope with language barriers, using the mail and shipping abroad, when, why and where to have offices, why and how to live abroad or not, the best places to live.

Lessons cover how to use new global technology, find free sources of marketing, set up distributors, how to build and use networks and most importantly how to start small and grow profitably. This course is for all who want their own full or part time business or want to expand or internationalize their current business and increase profits.

International Business Made EZ is also available as a correspondence course.

Until next lesson, good international business!