Seven Threats to Your Wealth

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Here's how you can turn seven economic threats into financial boosts.

Dear International Friend,

For many investors there are just seven threats between them and financial success. Here I've outlined them and then show how these threats can actually become beneficial.

Threat & Obstacle #1: Politics. England's election and the British pound are good examples. Sterling has plummeted to a 13 year low simply because of politics. Pound investors have been clobbered! Will the shift of power in the U.S. Senate hurt your business, investments & wealth? We have to beware of politics but because every action has an opposite and equal reaction political threats are easily overcome (through global investing), as you will see below.

Threat & Obstacle #2: Economics. The U.S. economy has been the engine powering global growth for years. We can see it straining now. What happens if it stalls? There are infinite numbers of such shifting forces that can make your wealth rise or fall.

Threat & Obstacle #3: Lawsuits and tax. The current U.S. ten-year tax cuts are an example of how tax collectors play with our wealth. Most full savings don't kick in until 2010. Then a year later the law expires. This never-ending burden of tax makes it hard enough to get ahead. Then there is the worry about every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to solve all financial problems by lawsuits as well.

Threat & Obstacle #4: Scams. There are three types of cons we have been reviewing at this site. There are many more. They are real risks to your wealth and can be insidious. The Internet increases your risk! Readers have reported saving thousands by avoiding ones you can review.

Threat & Obstacle #5: Divorce and bad business Partners. Half the western world already understands this risk all too well. Yet who is telling you how to protect against this?

Threat & Obstacle #6: Poor Investments. This danger gets everyone at one time or the other, even the best, but there are ways to minimize the risk. I explain below.

Threat & Obstacle #7: Yourself. This is the greatest risk of all and overcoming it resolves the other six threats. I promise! This is why I am going to conduct an Inspired Investing Course with Argentine investment manager, Steve Rosberg and Danish Banker, Teddy Christiansen, here at the farm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 27, 28 and 29.

We hope you will be able to join us. We will cover the answers to these threats, but if not here are some answers you can pursue on your own.

Solution #1: Political and Economic Threats. Diversify globally. The sun always shines somewhere and this is true in economics and politics as well. Global investing adds a counter balance to your wealth.

Here are eleven ways you will learn how to diversify globally at the upcoming course.

* Borrow Low-Deposit High. Profit US$46,650 for nothing? Learn how, with no extra cash to use existing assets to earn up to US$46,650 extra profits through certificates of deposit, bonds or shares.

At the course in July we'll look at how to arrange lines of credit-quickly and get the names of dozens of international banks that are lending now, plus learn how to contact them. Learn how interest rates move. Here's how a Multicurrency Sandwich (using 4X original collateral) can increase profits by 40% on stocks, bonds or funds that you do not want to sell! This example shows how a $100,000 (the minimum is $15,000) A1 rated bond issued by Ford Motor Company that yields 6.510% is used as collateral. (Any traded security can be used). The bond is collateral for a $200,000 Swiss franc loan (5.00%) invested in a Polish Zloty account paying 17.125% and $200,000 Japanese yen loan (1.75%) invested in an Icelandic Kronor account paying 9.875%.

		Multicurrency Sandwich
Amount Investment Yield Return
$100K Ford, A1 Bond 6.510% $6,150
$200K Iceland Kronor CD 9.875% $19,750
$200K Polish Zloty CD 17.125% $34,250
-$200K Swiss franc loan -5.00% -$10,000
-$200K Japanese yen loan -1.75% -$ 3,500

Total return $46,650

The total potential return on the initial deposit is 46.65%. This well diversified portfolio increases the potential profit of the initial bond nearly eight times (from 6.510% to 46.65%). Too good to be true? Every investment tactic has risks and one of the most important benefits of this course is it shows all the risks as well as the rewards. You learn how to carefully plot the loss potential before you act. Actually Reduce Risk. Though profits can be huge, this strategy can lower risk. At the course you learn how to determine when to take a position, when to get out, how to calculate the risks and assess the rewards. Teddy Christiansen will help me teach this session. I have been researching and teaching Borrow Low and Jyske Bank has specialized in Invest Loans for more than a decade so we share practical answers on this system. If you cannot join us for the course, here is a site that can help you research this on your own.

* Optimize Yields Through Global Bond Diversification. Good investing requires knowing where to invest. Emerging Market Bonds show returns like equities but have the volatility of bonds. This is why optimizing yields (while playing it safe and close to the ground) through liquid sovereign, good credit risks, such as Emerging Market Bonds can add so much to your portfolio. Steve Rosberg, has worked for several of the world's largest and most reputable banks and has managed hundreds of millions in this global sector and has specialized in these bonds because they are an excellent hedge against economic danger. They can bring in large profits with less risk than in equities, when stocks are down. Consider these facts.

Emerging Market Bonds can produce very high returns on the investment, even sovereign bonds – those issued by countries and for those issued by good banks. This situation has been used to great advantage by investors trying to increase yields.

Sovereign Instruments rarely default! Your greatest risk is only delays in payment. The risk of capital loss is comparatively small.

The correlation between these markets and US stock markets is low. This enhances diversification and provides growth opportunity when stock markets are down.

But an expert is essential! Someone close to the bonds and expert in these classes of assets is absolutely indispensable. For example, Argentina is in its third year of recession. There have been fears of (partially by the government to get better deals). Yet when the debt was swapped voluntarily for longer maturities. TWO THIRDS of this “foreign debt” swap was taken by local Argentine banks and pension funds (which puts a different spin on that “foreign debt” question, doesn't it?). This is why we have invited Steve Rosberg to join us at our July 27-29 course. He is the perfect teacher for these opportunities as the manager of High Oak Argentina Liquidity Portfolio which was able to grow 10.65% between January 1 and June 5 (or over a 25% per annum rate) without wild swings in value.

You can learn about all this at the course but if you cannot come, here are some bonds to research on your own to find out why some issues pay much more than others without added risk and see bonds such as those below

		Bond					Bid Yield         Yield  Above Gvt. Bonds
Jazztel 27.95% 22.91%
NTL Comms 14.71% 9.97%
Brazil 14.78% 8.96%
Argentina 14.17% 8.37%
Philippines 11.98% 6.41%
Venezuela Brady 9.65% 4.06%

Here is another site to use to get more details about bonds

* Investing in Real Growth. Natural resources are another place to go when stock markets let you down. Learn about investing in forestry and companies with real profit expectations at prices that can create a reasonable gain, irrespective of market conditions. In our course we'll examine how to create wealth by owning shares with huge natural assets instead of just speculating in shares. For example, we will examine forestry opportunities in Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, New Guinea as well as Australia, the U.S. and Canada. Plus you can bring your own shares and we will examine them as well. See how this works by checking our personalization plan.

* How to Beat Recessions. Economic down turns are not failures in the economy. They are lulls before the next economic storm. These are the best times for smart investors! Now is the time to get ready for the next spurt of growth that will come in a totally new way (beginning in July 2001). Find out how knowing about the Tipping Points can help you stay ahead of new trends. Analyze with us the Dream Society so you can find winners in the decade ahead. Learn how to Spot Global Economic Distortions so you can cash in on them. You can research this further at this site at The Dream Society” and “The Tipping Point.

* Guaranteed Investments That Can't Lose. Learn at the course how to use barbells that always breakeven or much better. My first guaranteed plan (in the English stock market index) gained 38%. To get more information on your own contact Teddy Christiansen at Jyske Bank TEDDY@JYSKEBANK.DK or ask Ian Dalrymple how his firm can set up a barbell portfolio for you at

Solution #2: How to Avoid Scams. Bring your doubts and any investments you wonder about. We will use our scam detectors when we analyze them in advance. You will see colorful examples collected over the years, such as a waste treatment plant scam that promised to produce energy, building material and clean water from raw sewage and industrial waste. See the shipload of potatoes from Poland scam – which had been exposed to Chernobyl radiation. Review the Nigerian deal where investors lost $400,000 and learn when banks are Ponzi schemes! This session shows what motivates people to fall for scams, so you can be alert to the symptoms in yourself. See how to avoid being your own worst enemy as you learn the tricks con artists use to dupe us. More on this is available at

* Get to Know Robin MacAllen! We''ll have a session with our hero from the 65th Octave to learn more about con tricks that business and industry try on you every day!

Solution #3: How to Avoid, Bad Partnerships, Lawsuits and Defer Tax. * Learn how to gain tax deferral and asset protection with overseas insurance policies that create the ultimate tax loophole. These policies are 1000% legal and can add total privacy to your wealth, plus defer tax for decades as they keep creditors at bay as well. Find out which countries offer the policies, how to choose the good from the bad and when they make sense and not.

* Investing Pensions, Keoghs and IRAS Abroad. The first delegate using this system, saw her tax deferred IRA (under Scottish management) rise 14.5% in one month! Learn more on this now from eClub advisor Larry Grossman

* The Last Loophole. Learn a tax shelter so effective it can wipe out tax forever yet so legal, it may never be changed! How and when to use FIVE INTERNATIONAL STRUCTURES for lawsuit and tax protection- bank accounts, mutual funds, insurance policies, trusts and companies.

* The Unusual Center. Tax law and the way to use financial centers have changed dramatically in the last several years. This has given Uruguay, an onshore jurisdiction with offshore benefits an unusual edge. Find out why this is one of the best legal financial centers and how it may be of value to your asset protection planning. For more information go to

* The Most Important Solution: Adapt Your Investing and Business to Yourself. Learn how to create a “Personal Income Earning Corridor” (PIEC). Use Three Phase Investing. Phase One: Reverse priorities. Invest in something you love instead of working just to save and invest. Create “Avenues of Abundance” that combine lifestyle with the necessary task of accumulating wealth. For example, if you love golf; instead of working six days a week, 50 weeks a year just to golf on Sundays and during short vacations, create a business (or invest in one) that involves golf. Phase Two : Build a backup of secure conservative emergency money and income. Phase Three: Use barbell portfolios to enhance your capital and earning power. More information from our Inspired Investing articles

This course is for those who want to make, keep and enjoy wealth! Business people, investors, real estate brokers, accountants (continuing education credits available in most states) retired and investors of all types have attended these courses. Relax on the farm. I have tried to give you enough links here so you can follow up on these ideas on your own, but if you can, please join us. Nothing beats the personal touch and these two upcoming courses which will be conducted at Merrily Farms, our sanctuary of quiet and green. Escape the heat and relax as you learn! Immerse yourself in nature. Watch the Milky Way. Drink our pure, spring fed water. Awake to the rooster's crow, soothing sighs of the creek. Go to sleep with the sounds of crickets and frogs. Take gentle hikes. Pick vegetables from the garden. Collect fresh eggs. Stay as our guest.

Merri does the cooking and I'll guide you to your luxury farm houses, cabins, wonderfully converted guest barn or Homer Buffalo Tipis . You can see pictures and get more details at our site

Save $700 Our courses make economic sense because if you join Merri and me at this course at Merrily Farms you save $700. The normal course fee is only $999 ($1,499) for two) and includes a FREE room and food at the farm (accommodations are on a first received, first reserved basis).

But the economy is slow and travel costs high right now, so Merri and I have reduced this fee for these two courses to $799. Plus since we want to encourage as many couples as we can to enjoy the beauty of the farm, we are waiving the extra person fee on all couples who share a queen bed. The total fee for a couple is only $799. You save $700 total! Don't Delay. Depending on the configuration of doubles and singles we can only accommodate a small group! Reserve now to make sure we can accommodate you.

Teddy Christiansen, Denmark.

Teddy Christiansen has spent more than 40 years in the banking field, the last 30 years with Jyske Bank, Denmark. Following a solid education within the branch network, and a period as a regional director with the banks northernmost region, Teddy was in 1979 appointed Head of International Private Banking and to-day he is the Head of International Customer Relations. During his 22 years in Private Banking, he travelled around the world visiting in 63 countries with the banks existing and prospective clients.

Teddy Christiansen is now also a member of the board of Governors to the Zurich Club; the Oxford Club's affiliated in London and South Africa.

Jyske Bank is a public company quoted on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange with almost 174.000 shareholders. Total employees 3,300. With assets amounting to 12 billions US Dollars Jyske Bank is the 3rd largest bank in Denmark with a nation-wide branch network. Jyske Banks has for the last 40 years been well known for its Private Banking Concept serving investors from more than 140 countries from Private Banking units in Copenhagen, Zurich and Gibraltar.

Steve Rosberg, Argentina.,

Steve Rosberg joined Banco Francés International Banking Division in 1989. To set up a fiduciary business platform and oversaw the functioning of their offshore bank, Banco Francés del Río de la Plata (Cayman) Ltd.

In 1993 Steve he moved to Coutts & Co. (Cayman) Ltd., a 300+ year old bank, fully owned by NatWest, of UK where he was responsible for efforts that were totally international and cross-border.

After two and a half years of Cayman Island life, he moved to Ecuador and started the offshore and international banking unit of Banco del Progreso and was responsible for a investment portfolio exceeding 300 million. In 1998 he started his own Buenos Aires financial company, Highoak Securities Limited which manages portfolios of emerging market bonds via Uruguay.


Personalization Plan. One of the biggest benefits of our course here at the farm is that we limit the size of the group, so we can personalize the courses. If you have a specific share or bond that you own that is of interest to you, send it to us in advance and we will research this with eClub members so we can review its merits at the course. In addition we conduct portfolio building round tables during lunch at the courses so you can develop and analyze with the experts model strategies that fit you.

Don't delay! The numbers at each course are limited. Merri and I, have undertaken a new book obligation and have had to reduce the number of courses conducted this summer. Sign up now to assure a place and early pick of the free luxury accommodations we provide at the farm.