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Our recent scam alert really stirred up some mud. See Robin's report from Buenos Aires. I recently passed on Robin MacAllen's initial report about IPG and had several replies that make this operation look good. But Robin was in South America digging. Look what he turned up! The first message from a reader sounded positive. Here is what he said.


In response to IGP, the Institute of Global Prosperity.

My experience with them has been positive.

Firstly, they are not a company but more an association, so one will not find
annual reports, etc.

Secondly, their offshore conferences are packed with presenters. Since September
of 98, my first conference with them, I have seen many of their presenters
programs that have worked and some that have not. It is no different than any
other arena. Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware.

Thirdly, the information and education I received as a result of my association
with IGP has changed my life. I was a financial planner for 15 years and gave it
up as a direct result of what I learned, not just at IGP, but subsequently
through my own research.

IGP was like the door that opened into another huge area of life, not just
finances. IGP is not PERFECT and is not for everyone, but then who or what is?
For the person who is attracted to it, IGP can open many new doors of

Again, one needs to approach the same way as approaching anything: with a
skeptical, but open mind."

Then I received an even more positive note, (see below).

Yes Robin clearly mentioned that he only had a brief review of the site and that it did not very clearly explain either way what it was. This is why he has passed on both positive and negative information he has received from readers.


	-----Original Message-----
From: TLC
Sent: 14 June 2001 15:47
Subject: IGP

Hi - We question this:
1. You have written Institute of Global Posterity - is this a typo and
did you visit a site Institute of Global Prosperity? Could find nothing
in my search for Institute Global Posterity.
2. If that was the site -(Institute of Global Prosperity) then Robin
MacAllen has not done his due diligence through reading all the
information on the IGP site. This is about education - this site is not
a firm or anything closely related.

We have been following your info for many years - which lead us to IGP
and then it was through association of like minded individuals within
the IGP arena that lead us back to you and we in turn have passed on the
knowledge of your info to others who are open to education & information
in related arenas. We are all traveling in the same circle and have an
understanding and awareness of the "Controllers" as the 65th Octave
refers to. This is about freedom of choosing our path of education and
a willingness to search for the truth. And we are always receiving new
truths aligned with our level of awareness and understanding. And when
we choose the path of mentor or teacher we are also choosing the path of
a student."

I pointed out to that reader that Robin had clearly mentioned that he only had a brief review of the site and that it did not very clearly explain what IPG was. Plus I reminded him that Robin was still investigating, had asked readers for comments and would pass them. However I almost felt bad. Was Robin losing his touch?

The next message from eClub advisor Steve Rosberg who was working with Robin in Argentina clarified much when he wrote.

	Buenos Aires, June 14, 2001

Dear Gary,

As you are probably aware, Robin is visiting Buenos Aires to look into the
impact that the Argentine debt swap is having on local markets. We spent much of
yesterday together going over different investment opportunities and are both
cautiously optimistic on the outlook.

We met again for breakfast this morning, at his hotel, the Plaza. I mentioned
that I had seen your and his Institute of Global Prosperity comment in this
morning's scamalert email. As I was sure that I had seen more material on it, we
went into the hotel's business centre and looked it up. One of the first sites
we found was
, a site focusing on protecting potential investors from being permanently
separated from their money by this "Institute" and describing how it goes about
its business.

As Robin had to run off to another meeting, he left me to send you some of the
information. Neither Robin nor I are in a position to verify this web site at
this time. Nevertheless, see this sample for yourself and form your own opinion.

Robin is off to Brazil tonight, he wants to get a first hand feel for what is
happening with the Real. He sends you and Merri his best, as do I


Steve Here are just a few quotes from that site:

"IRS raids IGP"

"Learn the truth before you lose thousands. This cult has robbed the
public of more than $300 million over the past few years."

"Illegal offshore investments."

"Cease and desist orders in many states."

"Worst UCE (spam) offender on the internet."

"All money in Global is made by selling the business opportunity to
others. If we go by Dave Struckman's own numbers of 1000 new members per
month, then IGP members make about three dollars per month on average.
This is the epitome of a ponzi scam.

"OK, let's break it down. IGP claims you "can make $2000-$5000 dollars per
week part-time and even more full-time." Who is making that much then?
Well, 1000 members a month is roughly 250 new IGP members per week. Two
hundred and fify members nets about $250,000 dollars a week into IGP's
offshore bank accounts. That's a lot of money, isn't it? But, when you
divide that by 70,000 members, you come out with 3 dollars per week! The
other way to look at it, of course, is to assume that there are some
people making $5000 per week. This is likely the case in this classic
pyramid scam. Well, if you divide $250,000 dollars (the total taken in, by
Dave Struckman's own numbers) by $5,000, what do you get? You get 50
people. That means that only fifty people are doing anywhere as well as
IGP claims. So, you're thinking, I am slick, I don't care whether I scam
people, I CAN be one of the fifty people... well, your chances of being
one of these people is 50 members/70,000 members or LESS than .1%! NO,
that is not 1%, that is ONE TENTH OF ONE PERCENT who make money.

"It is hard to fathom. But, basically, if you have 100 pennies, and you
take 1 penny and then cut it up into 10 pieces and then take one tiny
piece of that penny, then this is your chance of making money in Global.
Even if you you don't care if you are ripping others off and you are the
slickest of all individuals, you are still going to have an impossible
time making money with IGP

And, to add something visual, here is what the Institute of Global
Prosperity Pyramid looks like if people could actually sell this biz opp
to others:

GSA = Global Scam Artist
S = sucker

Level(1)1 GSA

ALL this money goes to the GSA. NOT A CENT goes to anybody else in the
Global payment scheme. If this is NOT a pyramid, I don't know what is. I
can't even draw the base of the pyramid because it is so big.

So, if you like the idea of making $3 dollars/week, or you think you can
be better than 99.99 percent of people before you, who are very, very
experienced at conning people, then by all means send in your money.

"From FTC website: (our comments our after the arrows. These are NOT the
FTC comments).

"The term "pyramid" is primarily a media term for a network marketing
compensation plan designed in violation of what are c ommonly called the
"multi-level laws", both state and federal.

To determine the legality of a network marketing compensation plan, to
ascertain whether it is legal or alternatively is a "pyramid," review the
compensation bplan offered by the company and ask these questions:

1. Do I become a distributor of the company if I buy the company's product?

--- Yes , but not quite... you still have to pass up 2 people (which, is
why I think it is a pyramid)

2. Am I required to buy the company product to becomea distributor?

--- Yes, it has always been this way. At least, you are never given the
option to be a retailer without purchasing the tapes

3. Am I required to buy a distributor kit to become a company distributor?
(This includes kits "at company cost").

--- Yes, you need to give them 60 bucks.. but, perhaps they were trying
to wiggle around this by saying that this is for buying a silver coin or

4. Is there more than one way to become a distributor, is one of these
ways to buy the company's product and/or sales kit?

--- see questions one and two.

5. Once you become a distributor can you move to higher commission
positions within the compensation plan by virtue of your own purchases or
payments to the company? (Even if you don't have to do it this way, can
you do it this way?)

--- YES! You can upgrade to GII, where "the big money is"

6. After becoming a distributor, when moving to a higher commissioned
position within the compensation plan must you make a minimum payment or
purchase in connection with obtaining that higher position?

--- YES.

7. Was it pointed out to you in connection with your being asked to become
a distributor with the company that an initial, immediate product purchase
was a means by which you could immediately obtain one of the higher
commissioned positions within the company's compensation plan?

---- Yes, you could see the big picture and come in at the GII level...
but you still need to pass up the 2 referral sales (pyramid)

If the answer to any of questions 1 - 7 is "yes", the program which you
have been asked to join as a distributor violates the multi-level
marketing laws in most states and the federal postal statutes - that
program is a "pyramid". A few states permit network marketing companies to
require the purchase of a sales kit "at company cost", subsequently a plan
with this feature may not be illegal in your state of residence. However,
most states do not have this sales kit "at cost" exception. A network
marketing program with this feature, if legal in your state, will still be
illegal in most other states and illegal under the postal statutes."

As you can see Robin and Steve have been busy! Is IGP a scam? After all this we still cannot tell and must verify negative news as well as that which purports to be good. The key to all good scam alerts is follow all trails. However what we can see is that there is someone out their very angry at IGP. Why? Perhaps they were ripped off and all this is true. Or it could be a dishonest competitor. We have presented all the data , good and bad, we have received, so be warned our recommendation remains as before, be very careful and leave no stone overturned before you proceed.

Until next message, good, safe and honest global investing and business!