Another Scam?

by | Jun 14, 2001 | Archives

Here is a message from a concerned reader and a warning from eClub advisor Robin MacAllen on how to avoid scams.


Wanted to say thanks for the article on Asset Protection Group in Las Vegas. I
have been to there office and visited with the founder and his staff, and had
similar conclusions as your article. Thanks. I have been talking with a company
called IGP Institute Global Prosterity

I was wondering if you have looked into them? If so where could I find the info.
If not, is there any chance you could look into it with your scam articles as I
would be interested in and value your option.


I alerted scam artist Robin MacAllen from the 65th Octave, who is an expert on spotting cons and has been working hard at fighting The Controllers. Here is his reply.

		"Dear Gary

I had a quick buzz through the web site and am concerned. My initial feelings
are beware. The format used is similar to many others that have duped investors.
The offer covers too many fields, high yield investing, tax elimination, asset
protection et al. This is not normal in business. Few financial firms are so up
front with so many services. This looks like they have posted every come-on they
can think of to try and hook unsuspecting investors.

This does not mean this is not a legitimate firm. I just have not seen anything
like this in my decades of international investing and business experience.

I am also concerned that the information provided on the site avoids many
important issues, such as where they are incorporated? How long they have been
in business? How to see their annual statement? The names of their independent
auditors, etc.

Get this data and you will be a step ahead. Then check it out and be sure that
the data provided is really for the firm involved and not for a legitimate firm
with the same name. Even then if everything checks out, it is always good advice
to start slowly and with small amounts. Remember that even some of the largest
financial institutions (such as Credit Suisse-First Boston) have been under
investigation for duping their customers. There is no test like time and
experience for building confidence. I hope if any readers have had any
experience (good or bad) with this firm they will let Gary at know. Take
care. Robin"