More On the Controllers II

by | Jun 13, 2001 | Archives

Here is some incredible information from a reader.

I cannot add to the importance of this message from one of our readers when he wrote:

I found a beautifully framed quote by Albert Schweitzer that I think will
enforce your feelings expressed in todays email. When I say it is
beautifully framed, I really mean metal; gold and black-edged
matting, with large ornate script which I wish I could recreate for
you...and it was in the corner of a GoodWill Store where I occasionally
go for a "bag of books." The price was $1.00; the value "priceless." I
hung it on my living room wall in a prominent place as a constant
reminder of our responsibility to others.
Anyway, here goes:

Create for yourselves an auxiliary task,
a simple, and if possible, a secret one. Open your
eyes and try to see where a man needs
a little time,
a little sympathy,
a little company,
a little care. Perhaps he is an old man,
perhaps a child.

Who can enumerate all the possible uses of the
valuable operating capital called man? He is needed
in all parts. Therefore seek you for an opportunity
to set your humanity to work. Do not avoid an
auxiliary task in which to give yourself as
man to other man. One is surely destined for you
if you but really want it.

Albert Schweitzer"

This knowledge is a real blessing, I thank you for sharing it and hope that you are truly blessed by it in some way.