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by | Jun 12, 2001 | Archives

Dear International Friend,

My first decades of global investment research unearthed five golden investments that were among the century's best. Readers made millions. Yet a haunting question gnawed at me. With the same information some investors earned fortunes, others made only a little and some lost!

What was the difference between these profits and loss? Finding why became an obsession! I reviewed thousands of financial experiences, talked to portfolio managers globally, even trekked jungles, deserts and climbed high mountains to ask economic questions of wise men-Christian ministers, Incan Yatchaks, Andean Shamans, Pundits in India, Sufi masters of Baghdad and Buddhist Lamas from Brazil.

The lessons learned are in my novel, “The 65th Octave”, where a Western financial expert and Indian medicine woman join to fight economic controllers. This fiction was written to share abundance and affluence in an entertaining way! My research and years of experience are threaded into an adventure about how to have more success, deeper social meaning & fulfilment.

Included are 18 golden words we can use to make our lives better. I thought they were fiction until events led me to an Andean Shaman who gave me a golden word for prosperity.

When I finally received permission to reveal this Golden Word I conducted a workshop entitled “Robin MacAllen's Guide to Real Wealth” it is available on cassette tape, $14.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Or Order my Book The 65th Octave for $17.95, plus $4.95 online shipping and handling and I'll send you the tapes workshop FREE. You save $14.95!