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I am doing my best when I get results like this.

As we crawl through the mists of this event, we call the here and now, making our errors, it is easy to have fear. So when I stumble across something that is inexplicable or new (to me), it is easy to be held back by fear. Yet I consider my job is to stay on the leading edge and to share my experiences whether they sometimes fit into my preconceived notions or not. If I only send you stuff that the RP (real press) prints, I will have failed. When I first began writing about international investing 30 years ago, many investors were really mad. This was unpatriotic stuff, but I felt it necessary and in some small way important.

So when something I share gets everybody shook up, I know I am doing my job. So you'll see why below that your recent response to my Eye Goes Blind message has left me excited, then I'll share one more way to enhance your wealth.

The first reply came from a reader in California when she wrote:

This is a wonderful, wonderful sharing, and I thank you for it. The work
that you are doing to "dematerialize" the thinking about money and finances
is truly enlightened. Those who have the eyes to see will see. Those who
have the ears to hear will hear.

I read your words with particular interest, because May 30 was also a
challenging day for me as well. It was just about the worst day I can
remember. A friend had said to me: "Have a talk with your subconscious, and
whenever the anxiety starts to surface, tell your subconscious to listen

This sounds simple, but it is a direct instruction, and I was amazed at the
power of this simple exercise. Whenever I was tempted to be flooded with
doubt, I would just consciously address my subconscious, and tell it to
REMOVE ALL DOUBT immediately.

Gary, the effect was eerie. Just that very mental discipline, of immediately
commanding my subconscious to REMOVE ALL DOUBT worked. I felt an influx of
hope, joy and energy. I did the exercise as often as needed, and what began
two days ago has been a rapid acceleration of improvement across the board,
which continues.

You are indeed a spiritual pioneer, blending disciplines to create tools and
resources for success in this new land of opportunity. Anyone who thinks
this is just all about money is missing the real message: This is about life
in its most profound implications.

Just know that those who don't get it may never get it and that is not your
concern. There are hundreds of thousands who are yearning for guidance,
nurture, and support for their inner intuition that there is something
profound and wonderful going on.

I so appreciate this sharing today, and thank you. Wish that I could be at
the seminar, but North Carolina is still a ways away from California.

I am really thankful for this message but want to also share another view from another reader.

I appreciate your business insights. But I also find it puzzling that a
intelligent man such as yourself would be taken in by a scam like astrology.

I do not see how the infinitesimal gravitational pull of distant stars can
have an effect on the cause and effect decisions of free will mankind.

Perhaps you should re-evaluate your position on this manner and include the
astrology in the scams alert bulletin that you send out.

This reminds of a segment that John Stossel did for ABC's 20/20. Students
were all given a horoscope and told that it was a reading for their sign of
the Zodiac. The students were then engaged in conversation as to the
relevance of the horoscope to them personally. All of the students agreed
that the horoscope fit them in some way.

It turns out that Stossel had a "professional" astrologist do a "reading"
for convicted serial killer Ted Bundy!

I would also suggest that you look up the scam busting activities of
professional magician James Randi on the web. It is very informative.

I would also suggest "A Field Guide to Critical Thinking" by James Lett at

Being up here on the farm one cannot but help believe in the impact of the stars. Every farmer knows the importance of the moon in planting, harvesting, even animal care.

Yet I am equally thankful to this reader for his insight because I still find some of the miracles in my life hard to believe. One of the main themes in my novel “The 65th Octave” is about the struggle between the left, rational side of our mind with the right, intuitive hemisphere. Nor can I ignore my clinical observations. I see that the predictions I receive work and getting them helps me. Some part of my human nature works better when I know that times ahead will be easy or tough.

Eastern astrology differs from Western in that it focuses on prediction whereas its Western counterpart aims a bit more at revealing one's personality and nature. In Eastern astrology, a person's chart changes every 2 hours. This probably relates to why it is more accurate then the Western version. I do find it hard to believe that I am exactly the same as everyone born in the same month as I. My experience with the Jyotish predictions are they work! If this is a coincidence then I have had a long string of them.

This is the point where wealth and making money comes in. To become a millionaire, does not require an astrologer, but making billions requires huge bets on unpredictable events that very few people see or believe. This requires courage which for me Vedic astrology can bring and that alone can make it a valuable tool. In an era where our leaders have all been negatively revealed we must cast doubt everywhere. The stars remain honest and predictable.

In my research of international fund managers some years back , one of the men who impressed me most was John Templeton. One key that he said had added to his success was always having an open mind. Also after he went through every investing logic, he still had a little black box he used to confirm his hunch. John, an intensely religious man went on to leave fund management to search for scientific evidence of God.

Over the past two years I have shared ideas about the Dream Society at this site that I gained from Mr. Johan Paludan of the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies. He is one of the most critical thinkers I have ever met yet one point he makes is that a market to escape “the tyranny of reason which will grow in the era ahead. Many of us have had it with logic and scientific thinking that has brought mankind into the depths of hate, war and ecological devastation. We are fed up with societies that kill one another in the name of God. We are bewildered by an education system so wrought with stress that kids kill one another in schools. We will no longer accept nor tolerate having our lives, dulled and deadened by the lack of mystery. There is so much we don't know. Logic and reason fills us in so many ways that we can and should, in fact we insist on getting excited.

This is what Vedic Astrology seems to me to be all about. Astrology brings logic and intuition, mind and soul together, so we become more whole, more effective and even fulfilled even in our failures (which I for one have so many) and not blinded by our success.

I will continue to share what I discover in my endless search for whatever. Please discard that which does not work for you, but know it is given in my humble honesty and hopes that some small part of my efforts can apply to your life in a positive way.

Your humble servant,