More on the Controllers

by | Jun 10, 2001 | Archives

My last message outlined who the real controller is and shared seven habits for everlasting wealth. Many have asked, “How can we develop these habits within ourselves to escape the outside controllers and benefit from the forces they project?” Here is one method.

Here are four steps we can implement to take control of our finances: First, we must understand ourselves better. This is most important. Wealth does not come from reading the newspaper and studying the stock markets. It comes from having a keen understanding, drive, and being able to spot opportunity. Second, we must learn how to make money from our own business. Third, we must learn how to invest better and fourth learn how to keep what we earn.

This is why the goal of this site is to help you make, keep and enjoy wealth more. To help enhance this process and help you gain control of your prosperity I am starting four FREE new courses for you.

International Business Made EZ 2000. How to make more money from your own business.

International Investing Made EZ 2000. How to make more money from investing.

Quantum Wealth. The art of Inspired Investing. Look within to see better that which is without.

Everlasting Wealth. How to reduce tax, lawsuits and loss.

I'll send you at least one free lesson once a week, but you have to do your part as well. Here is your advance homework for the first four lessons.

How to Make More Money in Your Own Business. Go to My first lesson in International Business Made EZ 2000 will show how learning from this firm can make you rich.

How to Keep What You Have. Go to A group of tax professionals around the world publish information about what you can really do for tax and asset protection.

How to Make Wealth Through Investing. Go to From their home page hit “Who We Are” to find their branch locator and find the Prague Czech Republic office.

How to Enjoy Wealth More. Go to

Each of these sites contains a clue on how you can increase your wealth, so I'm leaving you with a puzzle. See if you can figure out how what you read is important to know for making money. Then in the upcoming free lesson you'll learn more about how each of these sites can enrich your lives. Until then, good global investing and business.