Monetary Conspiracy?

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Monetary conspiracy?  Does a global monetary conspiracy exist? If such an economic conspiracy exists, who really are controllers of the monetary system.  In my novel The 65th Octave there are 65 families trying to control the world, called the controllers. This is not all fiction as you will see.Have a series of families or organizations knitted together to slowly take over the economies of the world?I don’t think so, not in the predetermined sense that some conspiracy theorists suggest. I have heard that groups such as the Illuminati, Tri-lateralists etc. have a century’s long plan to dominate every aspect of our wealth, culture and even our thoughts.My observation from dealing with thousands of wealthy clients does not let me quite believe this. My readers have great difficulties simply trying to pass wealth from father to son much less a whole system that can dominate the world. I find it hard to believe in a system or plan that has enough cohesion to hang together that long. The nature of humans is for our youngsters to rebel. Those who try to dominate the world have kids with more sense or less organization. I just doubt that some sinister plan could last.Yet the nature of mankind and commerce does create controllers in every generation or through several generations. The controllers keep changing, but there are always enough. I’ve meditated on this for years.

Who is trying to control our lives, kids and how? As yet, I haven’t been able to come up with 65, but many more than I like. Perhaps you can add a few as well!

Here are some controllers I see and what they want to do to us.

Soft Drink Industry.     Steal our balance.     

Fast Food Businesses     Dull our tastes for life.     

Pharmaceuticals          Put our defenses to sleep.     

National Governments     Bury our humanity.     

News Media               Reduce us to the lowest common denominator.     

Car Manufacturers        Rob us of our legs.     

Oil & Mining             Burn our deepest wealth.     

Congress                 Tempt us with their laws.     

Housing Industry         Unleash our lust for false                          comfort destroying passion of the soul.     

Legal Systems            Upend the scales in our hearts.     

Organized Religion       Limit our relation with God.     

Science                  Tyrannize us with reason.     

Accountants              Freeze our ability to serve.     

Banks                    Burden us with debt.     

Tobacco                  Choke our livelihood.     

Brewers and Distillers   Remove joy and agony.     

Health Insurance         Tie us in fear.     

TV & Movie Producers     Mummify our minds.     

Tax collectors           Suck our energy.     

Fashion Trade            Herd us like sheep.     

Education System         Lock us in a box.     

Chemical Industry        Eliminate our Long Range View.

These are some real controllers who through nature of trade and human things create impressions which bombard us from the moment we can read and watch. This creates destructive fundamentals that overwhelm most other factors that determine our wealth.

These controllers, if we let them, have such power they destroy most investors and consume their savings, wealth and even potential earnings. They try to unleash their destruction on us every day!

The problem is not how much money we earn either. Those with high income occupations are more bombarded than most and not especially less susceptible. Being wealthy requires more than money. The more that comes in the more that goes out.

Fortunately there are some habits that can allow us to benefit rather than be overwhelmed by the controllers.

Here are five of the habits we must have to enjoy everlasting wealth.

  • Everlasting Wealth Habit #1: Live beneath our means
  • Everlasting Wealth Habit #2: Allocate time, energy and money more efficiently
  • Everlasting Wealth Habit #3: Desire financial independence more than a display of social status
  • Everlasting Wealth Habit #4: Be proficient in targeting market opportunity
  • Everlasting Wealth Habit #5: Choose the right occupation

These goals might sound easy. However below you can learn why 96.5% of the population fail to achieve these five wealth habits!

First most people fail because the entire western world is a high consumption environment. Simply put, almost everything you see or do, every single day, is aimed at removing you not only from the money you have, but from future money you will earn. We are continually bombarded by pressures from every side to spend more and more. To top this problem off if you are the chief income earner, be aware your family, spouse and kids, are also being tenaciously indoctrinated in some way to spend money nearly every waking hour. If you have a family with two children, the four of you are being relentlessly pounded, day in and day out to spend, spend, spend!

Too simple? The popular T.V. shows today show that most westerners want to be millionaires. Ye in this era of abundance 96.5% fail (about 3.5% of the western world’s population are millionaires). Even among those with high incomes, most never make the millionaire status. For example there are many earners in the U.S. with average incomes over US$200,000 per annum who are not only far from being millionaires, but in terms of their lifestyle they are actually poor!

This never ending battering to spend money comes in a horrendously complex number of ferocious ways, especially for high earners. The mass of this indoctrination simply wears us down. We are drowned in a concept that we must have more and more. We are blasted from every public source, radio, papers, television and more. The message, have, have, have, spend, spend, spend!

Then the problem grows! If we have any success at all or are in a profession such as medicine, law, accounting or in business, we are expected to look, act, dress, and consume in certain ways. Those who don’t fall into line are shunned. Believe me I see this every week when Merri and I walk into the local stores in town driving my beat up Ford pickup and wearing a work shirt and worn out jeans. Little does the sales person who might look down on my image know! Yet our business or practice can be hurt, even destroyed if we don’t conform to this perfidious demand. We are literally forced to jump through foolish hoops into a never ending, downward spiraling rat race. Foolish-yes. But how do we get off?

We are immersed, literally every hour, with subliminal advertising, lied to and tricked with unexplained and hidden costs in practically everything we do. There are hidden fees, hidden interest charges, hidden credit card expenses and hidden taxes, fees and penalties which jump out at our every turn.

Mentioning the word “taxes” moves us to the second problem. Taxes and asset depletion (such as judgments from lawsuits) can be the biggest expense category of all.

A sixth habit for everlasting wealth is learning how to avoid and reduce (legally of course) taxes and the seventh habit is knowing how to avoid the ravages of divorce, law suits, bad partnerships, scams, etc.

Year in and year out, before we even make a penny, there are fat cat bureaucrats and politicians, crooked lawyers and con artists who have already figured how to plunder the bulk of our efforts if we do not take care. They pre-spend our hard earned money even before we start.

For example, if you live in the United States and pay average income tax, you work from January through May for the Federal tax man. But can you then start to work for yourself and your family? Only after you take care of the state, city, county and other tax men who continually clip away your pocket book as well. Perhaps sometime after July you might actually begin working for yourself. The deck is loaded against becoming a millionaire. The more you earn, the higher taxes grow. Just making more is not the answer. High earners in the U.S. are ear-marked for lawsuits, tax audits and every type of trick you can imagine.

These are the two problems we face from the Controllers. Are there masters in the background directing all of this in some insidious plot? This does not seem like it to me. But does it matter? The end result is that these very simple problems strangle most households around the world.

This does not have to happen to you! The real controller is your inner self and if you adopt the five wealth habits above and these two others, you can be enriched with ever lasting wealth.

First, learn to serve. From this day forward take up the motto, “Action is thy duty Reward not thy concern.” Let your care for others, not “What’s in it for me?” become your driving force. If you truly develop a way to be of value, the finances will always work themselves out.

Finally, follow your passion! This is your birthright, joyously given by the only true controller. This free and wonderful gift is the root of all true power. Live, work and play as if this were your last day.

Until next message, good global investing & business!


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