The Eye Goes Blind When it Only Wants to See Why

by | Jun 1, 2001 | Archives

Last Minute Opportunity – the Eye Goes Blind When it Only Wants to See Why

An almost miracle just took place here. Please let me share.

Where do mystery and markets meet? This has been the subject our friend, Dr. Deva Shankar Dixit, who is visiting us this month from India, has been sharing. We have been talking about Quantum physics, trying to integrate my understandings of the science to the science of Astrology. Seem like a waste of time? The 14th century philosopher Rumi once said “The eye goes blind when it only wants to see why,” but as I explained to Dr. Dixit, “This is like trying to see into the future. You know you cannot, but you can't help trying!”

But what does this and Vedic Astrology have to do with making money? This Eastern science has three differences from western astrology that make it so accurate, you can use it to help make business and investment decisions.

The first difference creates the accuracy. Your birth time is charted to the minute, not the month. This brings uncanny precision and a predictability that can be used in business and investing. (You will see this in a moment.)

The second and third differences are two things you can do (called Sakchi Meditation and Yagyas) to alter negative future probabilities.

More on this in a moment, first, here is an almost miracle (as far as I am concerned) that shows the accuracy and power of this system.

My last reading, predicted that May 30 be a major shift from a not so great period, to one of the most wonderful cycles in my life (one where my ultimate destiny becomes known). To prepare for this I began the Sakchi Meditation system, one of India's most ancient, which acts like a cleanser of our deepest psychological roots. During the phase transition I was told to beware of intensity, especially on May 30th. The day of the shift can create what is called the “sting of the tale.” We might call it a really bad hair day.

This could not have been more exact. The day began with a radio interview to promote my book “The 65th Octave.” (or so I thought). We had had some problems the week before when I had called the radio station, had been put on hold and for some reason the show host could not get through to me. I sat there on hold as the host was jabbering away trying to find out where I was. This went on for 15 minutes and finally the receptionist told me the show was too far along to bring me on. My publicist rescheduled for May 30 (big mistake).

I called back, Wednesday morning and was put through to the host. He blasted me up one side and down the other, said I had made him sound like a fool last week and said he was not interviewing me. No explanation I gave (I was totally innocent – on hold) convinced. In the end he hung up leaving me wondering why he had bothered to reschedule.

While dealing on the phone, Ma (our pumpkin Patch Hound) started barking and Merri shot out of the office and ran off through the fields? “Now what's going on?”

I ambled out to see two Blue Ridge electric employees (who have strict instruction not to come on the land without an appointment-so they won't whack down any of our precious trees) up in a boom, merrily chain sawing one of the most beautiful Hemlocks at our entrance. “Explicative deleted”!

Their mantra? “Not our fault. No one told us.” Nor did they want to stop. They were chanting this still as they departed after my heated words. You cannot glue a hundred year old tree back!

“Okay, Okay, that's enough.” Nature was reminding me this was not a day to work. So why not work on the dam being built to create a pond for the ducks on the creek?

Got the John Deere going and started hauling rocks. Within minutes the tractor broke down. Finally completed the day hauling rocks by hand in the chilly water. Cooled down and as low tech as possible. Great care was taken not to wretch my back.

Very early I took a long meditation and went to bed. The least could go wrong there.

Had the warning not been in place I may have been taken this day seriously. Knowing when to stop was important.

This was the same when the Pundits told me some years ago the next cycle would highlight obstacles and delays with authority figures. This was a two year cycle but the good news was the intervention would not cost.

The day the cycle started, the dreaded call came from the IRS. A full audit and it lasted guess how long? Two years. Two weeks into the cycle, the SEC called. They wanted me to register as an investment advisor. I disagreed. As a publisher I do not need to register. Had to submit ten years of records and writings to prove it. At the end of the cycle I remained unregistered and the refund (nearly $100K) that resulted from the audit was enough to pay the legal and accounting fees.

Jyotish helps me in several ways. First, its overall readings point out the areas that will bring greatest success. For me it's writing, publishing and communication (surprise-surprise), plus real estate and liquids. Further my annual updates show which of the areas will work best that year and when to push (like May 31) and when to rest (like May 30).

Now the miracle. May 31 was meant to be a special day of cleansing, a big start towards my true destiny in life. Old baggage discarded, a new energy and enthusiasm is to be found. To prepare, I had intensified my practice of Sakchi meditation. There are so many things buried deep within, that affect us greatly every day, that we don't even know.

With Sakchi we observe our thoughts, but disconnect. In this process, the old psychological garbage floats up and when detached from emotion floats away. This lightens and cleanses one's entire outlook, creates more enthusiasm, energy and enhances the mind's ability to see more clearly. Dr. Dixit had warned, “Horrible thoughts may arise. Don't be concerned. You'll see old memories, remember people from times past, unlock events that have been buried. Don't be frightened, just let them pass.” This indeed happened and one memory that returned almost daily was of a dear friend. We had parted in a bad way 37 years ago and had not again been in touch. Too many things had been left unsaid and the connection had been lost. My contemplations showed how much the lack of closure in this matter and the lost friendship had remained and hurt even after nearly forty years. With this picture came an eerie feeling that somehow this matter would be resolved. We would again be in touch. “Naw,” were my thoughts. “Disconnect and the pain and confusion will leave.” You can guess the rest. When I called up my email May 31st, there was the message from my long missed friend. I have not figured out yet the miraculous chain of events that brought us back, but I am thankful for it and the chance we had to mend this broken fence. A long carried burden is gone.

This doesn't have anything to do with money. Or does it! Will the added enthusiasm, energy and vitality I feel from resolving a distortion from my youth be worth something in the market place? I think so. Wealth is always ultimately determined by our inner stuff, not the outside noise we read in Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc. The difference between Warren Buffet, George Soros and other investment masters is not access to information, but what they do with the knowledge they get.

Jyotish can give us very exact investing and business knowledge, but deeper still, confidence, clarity and a calm that come from knowing all things are in order and having a guide at times when there is no other way to know.

This has been a very deep personal experience, joyful for me and in sharing it my wishes are that in some way it makes your life better. This is always my goal.

Thank you.