Global Shares to Watch in High Value Markets

by | May 30, 2001 | Archives

Here are overseas shares to watch now.

EClub advisor Andy Kaegi has been my banker for nearly 30 years. He was just starting with Credit Suisse when I opened my first account there in the 70s. His business Bulach Private Client Services helps manage portfolios for investors from all over the world and they update news on shares that are currently worth considering.

Last message we looked at the best value markets in the world. In the data below you can spiot some shares in these markets that offer special opportunity at this time.

Possibilities in the markets

We update this paper at irregular short term intervals based upon our internal buy and watchlists and make it available to interested parties by email. These comments are for informative purposes only. They do not cover all of our active positions but reflect only a small part of our investment strategy and BPCS may or may not engage in the actions described below. Because of individual client requirement readers should always take individual advice from a professional advisor before making investments.



Portfoliopositions: possible action:

DuPont Watch rise towards 50 for possible call writes
Boston Scientific Bought below 15; sell above 17.50
Novell Buy between 3.50 and 4.50; sell above 5.70
At Home Take profit as from 5 and repurchase below 4 possibly 3.60
IBM Realise close to 120
Eastman Kodak Take profit as from 48


Watchpositions: possible action:

Iomega Buy below 2.75
Oracle Consider below 15; (sell puts 15)
McDonalds Consider around 25; (sell puts 25)
Acme Speculative, below 2.75
Coors Consider below 50



Portfoliopositions: possible action:

British Telecom Add from rights issue
Metro Take profit above 52
Thyssen Krupp Wait for rebound to 20; add below 15
EVN Add below 29
Wienerberger Baust. Consider profit taking at 23
Watchpositions: possible action:

Rentokill Buy below 180



Portfoliopositions: possible action:

Givaudan Covered call writing 450 Dec.
Fischer Add below 420
Swissair Hold; possibly add on new weakness; high yield bonds as alternative
Zürich Financial Serv. Partial sales above 640 for lower repurchase; covered call writing 650/09
ABBN Hold; cheap purchases may be realised at 34; add below 27
Roche ROG Hold; Consider covered call writes above 140
Watchpositions: possible action:

Actelion Buy below 200
COS Consider below 100; maybe low 90
Von Roll Speculative, consider at 10

For more details eClub members can ask Andy any questions they might have about these shares.

Until next message, good global investing and business.