Secrets of Wealth and Longevity

by | May 23, 2001 | Archives

Surprise. Surprise! The keys to wealth and longevity are the same!

*From an economic point of view, I have been studying longevity a lot. Few aspects of finance have such an impact from a personal and social point of view as how long people live. Long lives create more time to make money or more time that capital has to last. Longevity affects government spending, social security, medical costs, etc. Old age societies (most of the western world is getting older) will have huge struggles with younger nations (most emerging countries are getting younger) in the years ahead.

In the May 14 USA Today article on page 6D entitled “Nun's Story of Aging” was a story that interested me greatly. The article explained why studying longevity in Nuns is so useful since the lifestyles they lead are so similar. Nuns do not face the variables we mortals must deal with out here in the rat race. There are 678 Catholic Nuns aged 75 to 106 in the study. They are given rigorous mental and physical tests and have granted scientists their long term medical records. They have also pledged their brains to science. Since the study began 335 brains have been examined.

The conclusion so far is that aging is overrated. Old age can be just as fulfilling a part of life as adolescence!

What was most interesting were some conclusions about what might cause long, productive lives because these factors seem the same as those I have discovered also create wealth! “Those who are hopeful, happy and optimistic in attitude live much longer.” The researchers have also discovered that those who had a rich vocabulary and were able to express themselves early in life were most likely to keep their intelligence intact in old age. Instead of lose it or lose it the motto is “develop it and keep it!” The Sisters also had a life pretty free of tobacco, alcohol and excesses of any kind. They are also mellow which is attributed to a life of faith, prayer and community. Another key is that they are always looking forward. They have a purpose and keep their minds active, reading, talking and working.

Purpose, hope, optimism, silence, activity and faith. These factors are also the fundamentals of wealth so it might be a good idea to read the book mentioned in the article “Aging with Grace: What the Nun Study Teaches Us About Leading Longer, Healthier and More Meaningful Lives.” by David Snowdon.

This by the way is one reason why I have been so impressed with Jyotish, the Eastern Vedic Astrology. The information I have gained over the years has often helped me have faith, and optimism during difficult times of business. Let me share one good example. Recently Merri and I conducted a new tour in Ecuador entitled Health, Haciendas and Hot Springs. Never before have we encountered such a variety of problems. Hotels screwed up reservations, restaurants were not prepared for the group (though they had been advised in advance), speakers did not show, tires went flat, our airplane lost an engine and had a forced landing, etc. etc. Yet I was prepared because my chart predicted such obstacles and delays. We sailed through that and have never had a happier group. The point is that I did not get caught up personally in the problems. We all suffer good times and bad but should not be too obsessed with either. Instead we should be purposeful through all these situations! This is why each year I invite an expert on Vedic Astrology from India to come and stay a month with us. We spend afternoons and evenings in meditation and sharing ideas and thoughts. He is here with us now. (Learn more if you choose to come and meet with Dr. Dixit and have your own reading here at the farm).

Merri and I would love to have all of you here with us to enjoy nature and the farm but realize this is not possible. If you cannot join us send your questions while Dr. Dixit is here, by email and I'll post a reply. We are happy to provide this service since we have found this special knowledge to be of enormous benefit to many of our friends and want to share this with as many of you as possible.

More in upcoming messages about longevity. Until then good global business and investing!