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by | Apr 26, 2001 | Archives

Here's a new anti scam service that can help you.

Here is a request I just received. If you are offered something that appears suspicious or too good to be true, let us know. We will post us at our forum or send it out to see if any readers know more. Have any of you heard of these people? If so, what was your experience?

“Mr. Gary Scott

I have been contacted by a company “Crown Capital” to aquire shares that I own in World Health Network “WHN”. Crown Capital address is in the Bahamas, telephone number in Canada and Fax number in the UK. To complete the deal they requested a performance bond to be sent to an account in the US. Now they are requesting a non-resident TAX again to be sent to the same account. The TAX is for the Bahamian government. They say that all proceeds is in Belize. The account in the US is under Belize Turks Bank name.

What do you think? To me, it is a perfect scam description.

Appreciate your time and help.”

Help this reader out and perhaps some day he'll be able to help you.

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Thanks and good global investing and business!