Time for Charity?

by | Apr 18, 2001 | Archives

Dear International Friend, How can I help you and your friends? If you have a need, let me know and I will share it as I have in the message below. A friend and reader of this sight recently sent me the story of Ashley Lay. Ashley Lay is seven years old and lives with her mother, Mabel, in Englewood Florida. Mabel moved here from Peru to build a future in this country. After she lost her husband five years ago, she had to work four jobs to support Ashley. At the same time, she earned another college degree in order to give her daughter a better education. 2000 turned out to be a dark year for the family. When Mabel was diagnosed with incurable cancer, Ashley suddenly faced a future alone. While there is no way we will ever be able to replace Mabel in Ashley's life, we can at least ease the financial burdens that she will be facing as she faces the world on her own. Her relatives are committed to giving her the affection she needs, and it is the goal of our friend to provide Ashley with some of the support that Mabel will not be able to give her. They are sponsoring a benefit dance and dinner with live entertainment and a silent auction entitle “A Night of the Heart” A trust fund has been established for the benefit of Ashley. All of the profits and donations from this event will go into this fund. If you would like to attend the dinner and dance May 17 or donate something for the auction contact our friend Eric at VDAE@aol.com Good International business and investing. After all being able to help in situations like this is what wealth is all about! With my deep regards, Gary