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by | Apr 13, 2001 | Archives

Dear International Friend,

I have a book signing schedule update because my first decades of global investment research unearthed five golden investments that were among the century’s best. Readers made millions. Yet a haunting question gnawed at me. Information given to delegates was the same, yet some investors earned fortunes. Others made only a little. Some lost!

What was the difference between those who excelled and those who failed?

This haunted me. Finding the answer became an obsession! I reviewed thousands of financial experiences, talked to portfolio managers globally, even trekked jungles, through deserts and climbed high mountains to ask economic questions of wise men-Christian ministers, Incan Yatchaks, Andean Shamans, African Missionaries, Hindu Pundits of India, Sufi masters of Baghdad and Buddhist Lamas from Brazil. The lessons learned are now in my novel, “The 65th Octave,” so readers can understand abundance and affluence in an entertaining way! My research and years of experience are threaded into this adventure story which shares ways to have more success, deeper social meaning & fulfillment.

The 65th Octave is an action packed adventure, economic-thriller with a spiritual twist. Robin MacAllen, a global consultant, protects banks and investors from scams. While helping a kidnapped friend, he uncovers an international economic plot.

I will conduct a workshop entitled “Robin MacAllen’s Guide to Real Wealth” Tuesday, April 24, from seven till nine PM at Barnes and Noble Booksellers, 7700 NE 4th Plain Blvd., Vancouver, Washington, USA. Telephone: 360/253-9007.

I will also be at Book Company, Oak Ridge Shopping Center, Cambie and 41st Ave, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, April 26, from two till four pm. Telephone. 604/264-9245

Book Company, Park Royal North Mall, Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC. April 28, from two till four pm. 604/604/922-5125.

You and your friends are invited to attend. Gratis.

While writing this novel, I included 18 golden words after a series of dreams during yogic meditations. Later while I was in Ecuador, events led me to an Andean Shaman who told me I was part of a 500 year Incan prophesy! Soon after, fictional events in my novel came true including being given by this shaman a golden word for prosperity. Previously I had been asked not to share this word.

I have now received permission to reveal this word for the first time at these signings and workshops.

See you at the bookstores! I also appear on The Golden Hours with Janet Taylor, KOPB TV, Portland, Weds, April 24, 6:40 am.

Gary A. Scott