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I have just returned from Quito where I conducted our newest course Ecuador Business Made EZ for the first time. Over 20 delegates attended at a special half price offer of $1,799 for the first courses. Now the course is $3,499. Yet I want to give you the taped sessions of this course free! 

These sessions contain two of the most important ways to earn fortunes in the years ahead, the principles of “Inspired Investing” and understanding how the “Dream Society” will affect business and economics in the years ahead.

I will speak at and host an International Investment & Business Course in Vancouver, Canada, April 25 to April 28. I will speak there with Johan Paludan who co-authored the book “Dream Society”. Johan who is a director of the think tank, Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies, will speak about the “Dream Society” and how it affects investing in the ten years ahead. What he shares is worth the modest price of this three day course alone ($549). But in addition I will speak about how to cash in on Inspired Investing plus hold an entire afternoon workshop on how (and why) to have your own full or part time international business. Then you will hear from a dozen other top economic, financial and legal experts. (Details are below).

I will give you the recorded session of “Ecuador Business Made EZ” free for joining us there.

Read below to learn more about this valuable International Investment and business seminar where I hope to see you in Vancouver!


Reserve now and receive an “Inspired Investing Workshop” worth $199 (on tape) FREE.


For Vancouver, I have asked the finest minds to join me to help understand the best opportunities for 2001 and beyond. We’ll share insights on global economic and banking conditions from international bankers, economists and investment managers. We’ll find out what is happening with the multicurrency sandwiches from one of the leading banks in this field. Tax attorneys and international trust managers will update the rules and opportunities of overseas insurance policies and trusts for U.S., Canadian and investors from other jurisdictions. A leading broker will update the rules on investing IRAs, Keoghs and pensions abroad.

Tax attorney, Joe Cox, will review why because of the W9s overseas life insurance has become more important than ever before. He explains why substantial U.S. and Canadian insurance firms have opened offshore subsidiaries as regulations allow separate accounting status that makes policies fail- safe. See why improved re-insurance with large re-insurance companies make the policies even safer as sales commissions have reduced 90%. Hear data from subsidiaries of U.S. insurers that (due to state insurance regulations) cannot be disseminated in the U.S. Joe also outlines I.R.C. codes, why actuaries can now monitor compliance with these sections plus how U.S. law firms offer legal opinions on overseas policies.

W9s are not required for assets held in correctly constructed overseas life insurance policies. The insurance company (not a U.S. resident) owns the assets. Benefits passing to the policy owner don’t create ownership. The biggest benefit of these policies is they provide asset protection and defer income and capital gains until death or when the policy is cashed in. No reporting is required until withdrawals are made

Bargains Guaranteed: Look below. My other courses cost $2,000 and more. This is the only full International Investment & Business Course I plan this year. Enrollment is an absolute bargain at US$549 for one or $749 for two. The Vancouver course includes a special session conducted by one of the cleverest (and most interesting) futurists I have ever met, Johan Peter Paludan. He is Deputy Director of the Copenhagen Institute of Futures Studies (CIFS) and he first introduced me to the importance of the dream society. Hearing him is worth the cost of the course alone!

This course will also be fun. Our friends at Jyske Bank are providing entertainment and a gala dinner you will never forget. Entertainment includes music by members of the Royal Danish Opera who will be flown from Denmark to embellish these festivities. This is included in the enrollment. Though the schedule is packed with information, there will be optional tours to enjoy Vancouver, one of my favorite cities. The weak Canadian dollar assures that costs of our stay and the five star hotel will be low.

Get the Inspired Investing Workshop on tape. $199 or have it free. Sign up for my Vancouver International Investment & Business course and get the taped course free.

The course covers why we are headed for an economic slowdown and why recessions really can help us enhance our wealth.

Bad times are coming and I’m so excited about the opportunities they’ll bring that I have developed this new workshop to help learn seven ways to everlasting wealth impervious to economic cycles. I cover them below

* Idea #1: Use a PIEC investing system. Personal Income Earning Corridors (PIEC) are systems that increase profit, freedom, satisfaction, safety & fun by focusing your efforts into three corridors. This focus streamlines your money producing activity and eliminates wasted effort. PIEC shifts your money and energy into areas where your chances of success are highest. None of us are capable of keeping up with everything in this ever faster moving world . Trying just leads to exhaustion and stress and reduces wealth. PIEC tightens your focus to the change that matters for you and protects you from useless economic noise. The first corridor is focused on you and what you do and know best. This individual and unique focus may be on equity markets, (in good times and bad) or not.

For example, over the past three decades I have spotted specific golden opportunities (I’ll give you two new ones in a minute) early on. Three were in real estate and four in equities. I cashed in on the property deals (made millions) but never did much with the shares (many of my readers did better than I). I realized I am always comfortable with real property and currency distortions, rarely with shares. So my first corridor focuses on these two areas. My only equity investments are in my second and third corridors. The second corridor is my reserves and the third my high risk speculation. Statistically this system doubles the chance to become and remain a millionaire. When we pursue what we enjoy, we almost always do it better and longer with less stress, fatigue and risk. Get more about this ( or read the book “The Millionaire Mind” by Dr. Thomas Stanley.

* Idea #2: Double your wealth in the Imagination Era with killer apps. Mankind has moved through seven industrial eras fueled first by the stirrup, second, water, then steam, internal combustion engine, electronics and information. Each era has created a new and larger groundswell of productivity (though each was proceeded by a crash). Now we are moving into the seventh and most prosperous of all, the Imagination Era. Place your efforts and investments into businesses that cash in on the new trends this era will bring. For more on this, read the books “Dream Society”, Rolf Jensen, “Killer App”, Larry Downes & Chunka Mut. (

* Idea #3: Spot profitable tipping points. There is a natural order to epidemics that controls disease, fashion, equity markets and all trends. Learn this process so you can spot products, companies, shares, real estate areas, etc. that will tip and become the big winners. For more, read “The Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell or go to

* Idea #4: Use the Last (fun) Loophole. Owning your own foreign business (even operated from home) makes more sense than ever. This is the ultimate tax shelter. More importantly, it provides freedom to choose where you live, work and earn. This loophole can wipe out taxes forever and won’t change because governments everywhere want local goods sold abroad. Use the Circle of 100 to finance your business abroad-eliminate tax and improve the world. There are many ways to finance your business as you operate in conjunction with private or public charitable foundations to create wealth, eliminate tax and help the poor at the same time. To know more; study “International Business Made EZ”, Oxford Club, 1-800-992- 0205 or go to http://www.garyascott/ibez/ or attend my course “Self Fulfilled-How to Have Your Own International Publishing Business” (Orlando Feb 2-4).

* Idea #5: Borrow Low-Deposit High. This is a perfect time to consider multi-currency sandwiches because a full circle has turned . In 1994 I recommended borrowing Japanese yen and investing in Mexican pesos. Investors made fortunes. Since then many such distortions have offered amazing returns (for example the Japanese yen-South Korean won sandwich earned up to 85% in one month in 1998). Now the yen-peso sandwich is attractive once more. Here is how the position currently works. You borrow yen at rates as low as 1.75% to 2.00%. Mexican peso three month government bonds yield 18%. US$100,000 worth of CDs, bonds or shares available for speculation provides collateral sufficient to borrow US$400,000 worth of yen converted to peso bonds. Here are the details:


Amount                   Investment                 % Earns       Amount   US$100,000      Original US$ CD Used as Collateral     7.00%      US$7,000   US$400,000      Mexican peso government bonds         18.00%     US$72,000  -US$400,000      Yen loan                               2.00%    -US$ 8,000


The projected return on the US$100,000 is 71% or total earnings of US$71,000. Other sandwich speculations now include Swiss franc loans at 4.75% (or euro loans at 6%) invested in Polish Zloty CDs at 18.25%. For details, study “Borrow Low-Deposit High” (see below) or go to a website of Jyske Bank. This bank specializes in offering leveraged investments with due regard to the basic principles of diversification.

* Idea #6: Cash in on golden real estate opportunities in Ecuador. I have invested heavily here because Ecuador is less than four hours from the U.S. and a North American presence is growing with the new military base in Manta. Law and order are good. The country has dollarized which will check inflation. Leaving the coast you run into undulating green hills as the ocean view fades into a white haze. Further on, huge green valleys ripe with young bananas flow through craggy mountain scenes. Ecuador has 12 hours of direct sunlight 365 days a year but it is not hot there . Yet prices are so low right now you can buy brand new $21,000 beachfront condos in a coastal village described as being like Puerto Vallarta in the 50s (and just a short distance from the new U.S. military base). You can buy condos in Ecuador’s sophisticated cosmopolitan capital for US$20,000 and even less! Here is an even more interesting twist . You can use multicurrency loans (as mentioned above) and borrow yen to buy the condo! Current interest costs are about $35 per month. I wrote a full article about this in the January 2001 “International Living” (For 20 years IL has been a leading source on retiring, living and purchasing real estate overseas.) Visit IL at for a free weekly e-letter or call 1-800-643-2479) to subscribe or go to my site at

* Idea #7: Invest in the second golden real estate opportunity in North Carolina’s lost province, Ashe County. Prices compared with nearby counties are three, four, even five times less. This land sits in the middle of the wealthiest population in the world. One in six Americans now live in a county that abuts the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico. This demographic shift has been one of the biggest (and wealthiest) social migrations in history and Ashe County is almost perfectly centered in its midst. Yet the territory has almost been forgotten, until now. I purchased two hundred+ acres two years ago and have seen the price double at least already. Yet profound bargains still exist. Be my neighbor and make a fortune as well.