Security in Ecuador

by | Mar 6, 2001 | Archives

One of the first concerns Merri and I wanted to address on arrival here (in Ecuador) was security. Demonstrations had started again which we knew would help economic opportunities remain a little longer. But we wondered, would there be a price to pay in reduced safety.

The press magnify events to such an extent I rarely believe what I read.

Gary, The strikes are over and the country has resumed its normal

peaceful state. Agreements were reached between the Noboa government 
and the leaders of the  	Indigeneous people and Ecuador has returned 
to its usual state of calm.  	

Interestingly enough, even during the worst of the strikes, one had to 
look hard to find the trouble areas! One of the frequently asked 
questions by you, our IL readers, is about the state of security. 
Once again, I am pleased to re-iterate that I feel that Ecuador is
a safe place to both visit and live. Sometimes, when talking to the 
locals I often hear about how different and now un-safe they consider 
Ecuador to be.  	However, upon questioning them further, this is usually 
confined to now having  	to lock their doors to their houses and having 
to install alarms on their cars!