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Fellow Lover of Sunny Skies and Clear Blue Seas,

Sun rays sparkle on emerald prisms of cool, spring fed pools. They reflect and dance, rainbows that glimmer on towering mahogany, banana, stately palm. Green vistas shimmer, easy paced in the afternoon sun as sweet, tropical perfumes float in the breeze.

My wife Merri and I are standing on a huge veranda, overlooking a vast expanse of lush, green, Ecuadorian countryside. A tropical breeze flows over the porch cooling the sunny afternoon. My portable computer sits before me. We are enjoying cricket songs, the soft breeze, but this is also work as we are putting the finishing touches of a special course on how you can have your own Ecuadorian based business, run from Ecuador or at your home.

This course can dramatically improve your life, give you greater independence, increase financial safety and dramatically more freedom to lead the type of life they desire.

This entirely new opportunity has arisen because I have been a contributing editor for International Living magazine for nearly twenty years and because my friend has opened a new IL office in Quito. This opportunity is available for anyone who would like to have a business small, or large, part or full time. This information is vital for professionals who would like to develop a second dependable income, for those who are about to retire or lose their job, self employed business people who wish to expand and enhance profits and for investors who would like to finance small, high profit businesses. This course also applies to those who love international travel and who want to help improve global social and ecological conditions.

We have worked jointly to create a course that can help you turn the current negative economic fundamentals into profit, adventure, more freedom in life and less stress.

Before I explain these benefits, let me point out the sad economic fact that is affecting us all now will. This economic weakness will affect the way almost everyone lives, earns and saves. Regrettably most people will be overwhelmed. Most will see their income fall, their live’s turn dull and gray. But a few (you can be one of these because of the knowledge shared here) will use the change to make life unbelievably better. You can gain a lifestyle so rich, independent and free that most could only think of it as a dream.

These flaws are caused in part by technology; improved use of computers, high speed, low cost communication and transportation that makes workers more efficient. This sounds wonderful, but in reality means that certain types of jobs become scarce. The handwriting is already on the wall. In Europe 10% unemployment of the work force is already normal. In some instances the unemployed are even much more! In the long run workers will gain even more productive jobs but during such workplace reorganisations a lot of people will suffer!

This loss of jobs is caused by a fundamental that could threaten your work, savings, family and finances. This simple but deadly fact is a flaw reaching such deep levels it will rip the guts out of many families’ savings, leave them ruined, without jobs or wealth. The frightening part is this fundamental has now unleashed its destruction.

I want to explain what, why and how this flaw can create its crunch. Then I want to share how the same technology that has been a part of the flaw can also help you avoid economic pain and create a lifestyle so wonderful, you’ll feel like you’re living in a fairy tale. You will be able to actually turn technology and unemployment into benefits that help you make and keep untold wealth.

As you review the flaw below, remember every economic crash has a silver lining. The depression of the 30s created more millionaires than ever before. So will the upcoming crunch! By understanding the problem, you will be able to see easy ways to turn them into profit. Become one of the few enriched by this flaw rather than ruined.

The economic flaw is the current economic downturn. There can be no doubt now that there are serious risks in equity and real estate markets. There is a growing possibility we’ll see a dramatic Wall Street collapse. Markets have turned down (Nasdaq is now less than 50% of its high). Losses can become much worse and be sustained. This risk is outlined in an excellent book, “Irrational Exuberance,” written by Robert Schiller, Professor of Economics at Yale University. He confirms that U.S. shares are (still) vastly overvalued! The Dow more than tripled from 3,600 in 1994, yet basic economics have not come close to this. U.S. personal income has risen less than 30% (half of this is due to inflation). Corporate profits rose less than 60% (from a recession depressed base). The Standard & Poor’s dividend yield is about 300% above its historical average.

All of these fundamental problems have been compounded by the high tech and .com crash. These markets may take years to recover and during this time the U.S. economy may suffer.

Yet this high tech problem creates a double opportunity now. This silver lining comes in the form of IL痴 new office in Ecuador and the new “Ecuador Business Made EZ” course that Richard and I have created.

This is a course customized for each delegate that helps you create your own Ecuadorian business, (which you can operate from your home or in an Ecuadorian hideaway you’ll be able to buy with your extra profits). Timing for such businesses has never been better! Such businesses have already created fortunes for a few sophisticated individuals. Now because of our Quito office and the internet they are available for you.

Until recently operating an overseas business has taken a great deal of time and effort to start. Now this is no longer true. Technology makes it possible to have take your business where opportunity is best, not where you happen to live.

You can run your business in Ecuador from your existing office or at home! Richard and I have created the course so you can set up a business in, marketing, consulting, franchising, manufacturing, tourism, real estate or import-export, whichever you choose. This course is conducted me and Merri who have over thirty years experience living working and conducting businesses overseas.

I’ll tell you more about Richard and explain the course in a moment. First let me answer the question why Ecuador?

Ecuador is a tiny South American country but enormously rich as the closest source to North America (just a 3 hour and 45 minute flight) of 12 hours of direct equatorial sunlight a day, 365 days a year. This mountain nation has a rich Pacific coast on the west and one of the most incredible diversities in the world. Because this country sits on the equator but is coastal and mountainous, it has the same bio- diversity as all the territory ranging from Ecuador to the Arctic Circle.

The country is a tourist delight offering sights, sounds and goods at prices so low it is hard to believe. Ecuador has been listed in IL as the cheapest place in the world to retire. As an emerging economy, the place is ripe with business potential, especially now that it has been through its worst depression in history. Yet the nation has some incredible skilled labor that works for as little as 75 cents an hour. Everyone in Ecuador wants things from America and Europe. Ecuador offers products and services rock bottom prices. In short Ecuador is an incredible bargain basement for business opportunity now.

Timing could not be better. The U.S. is just entering into a recession. Ecuador is emerging from a depression.

Richard and I have actually started our own business in Ecuador to gain real life experience to share so we can anyone who wants to be independent and have more income and security as they enjoy overseas travel.

Now let me tell you about Richard and what being international has meant to him. After being raised in an ancient castle, he left the life of an aristocrat to live and work abroad as a diplomat. For twenty years he lived in the Middle East and Africa while in Her Majesty’s service. He is also an expert in fine art and is a certified appraiser (he appraised for Lloyds of London) for antiques (furniture, silver and porcelain).

He is known for weekly television appearances and giving lectures on appraising and identifying antique furniture (period, style, etc.), plus has written a book on Ecclesiastical vestments He has numerous published articles mainly in the religious art categories.

In other words the course “Ecuadorian Business Made EZ” is not pie in the sky theory. The knowledge you gain comes from years of experience and from Richard痴 and my current business activity here.

The course is also designed so your international business will be easy to start and keep going (with IL痴 office to help if you choose).

“Ecuador Business Made EZ” starts with a seven day hands on course conducted every other week (Starts Monday-Ends Saturday) in Quito Ecuador. You work and study directly with me and Merri while in Quito and will then continue your studies (and your business if you choose) with us through IL Quito痴 exclusive email business forum.

The course shows why a business in Ecuador is the ultimate lawsuit and tax protection and why global businesses are immune to recessions. You need not suffer during recession, inflation or during market crashes. Fatal economic flaws which ruin others create your profits for you.

From Lesson One, the course gives ways to expand your knowledge about having a business in Ecuador plus shows how to use IL痴 network (over 30,000 active business people and investors in 82 countries) that can help you find partners, sell products and services and raise money abroad! The goal of the course is to give you more than just knowledge. You are shown specific businesses you can start now and are backed up with follow up, office support in Ecuador. The course bring you real, usable knowledge and with backup support so you can put the knowledge into action right away.

The course takes nothing for granted and walks you step-by-step through every aspect of having a business in Ecuador. One lesson for example shows why this is an idea whose time has arrived. Learn the theory of setting up your business, whether to turn your passion into profit (by starting a new business in a field you love) and how to use existing businesses that IL has spotted for you to expand. You will learn how to become involved in an area where your expertise or interest gives you an advantage.

You learn about shipping and storage when air freight is best or container better if that information s needed for your business. Richard has researched the facts and figures and is using them now to gain practical tips on both.

One lesson in the import-export session covers customs/duties, the problems encountered, how to solve them both in Ecuador, the U.S. or another country. You share the practical experience from the shipments Richard is actually making in his own (and my) business now. You learn the problems he encountered and how to avoid them. (This alone will save you far more than the course tuition).

One incredibly valuable lesson is on how to buy at the source… and how sometimes it is better to not buy at the source.

You will also learn how to establish your market… how to sell your inventory and to whom. How to know your product, your market, your source, and your competition.

Most important you will learn how to market your products abroad.

Which products? The course “Ecuadorian Business Made EZ” has already identified carved wood, architectural and decorative woods designs in San Antonio de Ibarra. Ceramics from Cuenca. Furniture from Quito, Cuenca. Carpets in Guano. Silver and Gold jewelry in Chordeleg. Paintings and art from all over Ecuador Textiles at Otovala. Leathers in Cotacatchi. Flowers grown in Ambato, plus much more.

These are businesses you can start right now, directly from the course after you have learned the fundamentals, visited these places, seen the goods and learn how IL痴 Quito office can back you up (or even act as a joint venture partner).

In another lesson you learn about international structures. Learn if you should operate a sole proprietorship, an IBC (International Business Company), overseas trust, offshore limited partnership or use offshore life insurance for tax and asset protection. You learn when each option is correct. Learn how as a small business in one country using overseas structures in another you can legally avoid paying tax. Find out how to hold assets in overseas structures so you are almost impossible to sue!

Another lesson looks at expanding your horizons and creating a fantastic lifestyle with benefits of having business friends abroad Learn how to enjoy the finest things in life because of international friendships plus how to develop them.

Everything about running your own successful international business is in the course. How to get started, develop a product or service, where to find clients and customers, how to choose hot markets, the risks versus the rewards, where to advertise, asset protection and tax advantages, how to cope with language barriers, using the mails and shipping abroad, when, why and where to have offices, why and how to live abroad or not, the best places to live. Lessons cover how to use new global technology, find free sources of marketing, set up distributors, how to build and use networks, increase profits and manage and protect profits.

Learn how and where to bank, how to get loans, private finance, overseas partners and raise venture capital abroad. Learn how overseas partners can stop the tax man from getting at your profits! Learn how to choose accountants, attorneys, marketing and insurance abroad.

The course helps you choose the business you want. Many professionals look for new beginnings, turning hobbies to profits. For example you値l learn how to set up tours for golfing, fishing, horse riding and other hobbies can be successful businesses.

The contacts alone are worth ten times the cost of the course. Richard, as a former diplomat, has developed connections at the highest levels and is a regular visitor to powerful government offices including the Presidential Palace. He has developed contacts with top businessmen, bankers, accountants, attorneys, marketing experts, business consultants, agents all over the country that can help you, large or small, full or part time. Plus you will learn how to gain access to the 30,000 IL international businessmen and investors in 82 countries are included.

These contacts offer valuable services to make your global business easier, more effective and profitable.

Plus, as I said, this course is not just theory. Here are a few of the items, what they cost in Ecuador and how much they sold for in the past few months via Richard痴 existing business.

The costs below include cost of merchandise, shipping, duties, Customs and advertising.

Santos (religious statues) sold:

  • St. Theresa – total cost $300.00 sold for $960.60 net $660.60 – turn around time 1 month.
  • Virgin of Quito – total cost $38.00 sold for $156.00, net $118.00 turn around time 3 weeks.
  • St. Anne – total cost $42.00, sold for $150.00, net $108.00 – turn around time 3-1/2 weeks.
  • Choir angel – total cost $35.00, sold for $115.00, net $80.00 – turn around time 10 days.
  • Santo vestments: Burgundy cope, total cost $18.00, sold for $118.00, net $100.00 turn around time 2 weeks.
  • Dark Blue vestment, total cost $15.00, sold for $80.00, net $65.00, turn around time 2 weeks.
  • Lot of 5 vestments – total cost $85.00, sold for $300.00 – sold before purchased!
  • Christmas ornaments: Sold over 1,000 marsapan ornaments for $1.95 each. Total cost $.25 each, net profit $1.70 each


There are many such examples, but the above are enough for you to get the idea. Prices here are really low!

There you have it, valuable contacts and knowledge about timely and fulfilling business opportunities that you can cash in on now. Regardless of whether you want your business to make millions, or just add excitement and adventure in your life, to reduce tax or even live abroad, “Ecuador Business Made EZ” course can help you get involved with something you love and turn after tax costs into tax deductible expenses.

Whether you have a successful business, want a part time business for change or as job security, this course can be of enormous value to you. The seven day course and a year’s internet follow up is only $3,499. This is nothing compared to the incredible education you gain and the importance of the knowledge for you and your family’s wealth now. Space makes it impossible to explain everything in the course, but I am convinced if you try it, you will find it improves your entire way of life!

There has never been a time when the risk of higher tax, greater unemployment and investment dangers were higher in North America, but neither has the opportunity for small businesses abroad been so outstanding. Expand your borders now! Increase your economic security freedom, independence and success. Turn the crunch of 2001 into a fortune. Learn how your Ecuador business can be made easy today.

I hope to meet you in Ecuador!

Gary A Scott

P.S. At this each course is limited to just ten attendees. so Don’t delay. Reserve your course now.