Scam Alert

by | Feb 15, 2001 | Archives

While on my first book signing tour I had several people ask me about an investment that is obviously a scam. Beware.

I am continually being approached by friends and readers about an investment opportunity. The names change but the first part of the story is almost always the same. Generally the company operates as an investment club. The claim is that by combing forces small investors can get into big investments that banks make and earn between 10% and 30% per month.

To complete the story read my most recent reply to a friend who asked me about this is below:


Dear Friend, 	 	I took a look at the investment club operating from Belize and suspect 	this is similar to the type of scams that are going around. There just is 	no long term dependable way to make 150% per annum (which is the least 	this firm would have to make to pay you the guaranteed 10% per month) 	trading bonds. Thus without doing any extensive research i can honestly 	say that the likelihood of this firm being able to fulfill its promise is 	minimal. 	 	You have heard their part of the story. Now let me complete it. 	 	If you send them your money you have no government protection. When you 	lose (and you will) it will be most unlikely that you will recover a 	penny. When an investment looks too good to be true, it usually is. 	 	We have friends and take regular tours to Belize and know that many scams 	are operating from there at this time due to lax government regulation and 	enforcement. I have referred you to one of our eClub advisors Steve 	Rosberg at who has been an international banker 	for years. He can fill you in with more details should you need them. He 	understands just how much legitimate banks can really make trading bonds 	and and why they only guarantee 5% or 6% (in US dollars) or whatever the 	ongoing rates are, but never ever 10% a month! 	 	Good global investing! 	 	Regards, 	 	Gary