Life’s Simplest Luxuries Come From Doing What You Love

by | Feb 2, 2001 | Archives

A recent USA Today article pointed out some surprising results from a survey on “What is Luxury”.

In this survey rich and famous people were asked what luxury meant to them. A few talked about yachts and other such creature comforts, but for most is were things that money could not buy.

Andre Previn thought a house without telephones was luxury. Puttering in a garden was another famous designer’s choice. Time to read the whole paper, long walks with dogs, sleeping in a hammock, long lunches with friends on a rainy day, a clothesline, rain on a roof, a good old fashion snowstorm, a roaring fire and a jigsaw puzzle. All these were luxuries that some of the wealthiest people on this earth desired.

This is the power of doing what you love. Merri and I have all the above here at the farm and hope we can share this in 2001 with you. We hope to bring luxury into your life this year. For details on how to stay at the farm go to

Until we see you here, good global investing!