Five Vital Economic Lessons

by | Jan 24, 2001 | Archives

I have recently had correspondence with a farmer in Ohio that reminded me of five vital economic lessons. I want to share this here with you. Here is how the correspondence began. Read below please.  

Dear Gary & Meri, 	 	"You don,t know me, I am one of the faceless people 
who dwell in your 	outer circle. I guess that I would like to tell you that I have 
always done 	things to make other folks lives easier. I find myself in a 
place in my 47th year of life where I am facing great financial difficulties. 
It is said that you get back what you put out- I wonder what I did wrong or
 why it has'nt come yet! anyway, I saw your ad & wondered if it wasn't
 a sign? Thanks for listening." Bob

  I replied: “Bob, No one is faceless or heartless and there is no inner or outer circle.

 Everyone I meet and communicate is really important to me. You will never suffer

in this perfect universe for doing for others. Sometimes it is difficult to understand

 the position we are in, but there is always a reason why we are where we are.

Please let me know what is the financial crisis? Which as did you see? Perhaps

 we can somehow help”

Here was Bob's reply.  

"Dear Gary, I also have a farm in southeastern Ohio. We have been here for 	the 
last 12 years. We have 8 children of our own & have help raise 22 foster kids to date 
(almost had 5 more the other day. Anyhow, I went into business with a friend (logging).
 My name was on the paperwork & he walked leaving me 	with a 70,000.00 debt. I guess 
that wouldn't have been so bad but I had begun building a home for my elderly mother in 
Indiana as her house which was built in 1820 is literally falling in on her & she has given 
her entire life for others. She has always been a nurse & had 8 kids of her own,plus she 
helped raise the entire community we lived in.My Dad ran out on us when I was 11 yrs old. 
Mom raised us by herself though as well as 32 foster kids without reimbursement.I have 
the outside shell ,Roof, electrical done, but unable to continue for lack of funds.I also 
had a older son who got into trouble with the local police who hated him & ended up 
setting him up for something he did not do. That to date has cost us 26,000.00. With 
everything coming up so fast & FURIOUS it has placed us in jeopardy of losing our farm & 
everything we have gotten over the years to pay the obligation. Bankruptcy is not an
 option - I was raised that you pay your debts.I just can't keep up with all of it. Anyway, 
I saw your advertisement for a publishing business and thought it may be the way the 
Lord is showing me a way to do so. I know that you are very busy & that you stay in 
the middle of excitement & glitter, 
Thanks for listening & keeping me informed with your news letter ; 
I really appreciate it! Bob"

  Wow, I thought, how much we can learn from this. I thought about five powerful economic lessons from this. How wonderful it would be to help Bob out, so here is my reply: “Bob, First, I totally understand how you might feel. I recently had a friend that I would have trusted with my life who I gave $82,500 for a business deal and they ran off with the money. that you will never lose all you have. First your honor about paying your debts is more important than cash will ever be. Second, what you have gained with those 30 kids is more important than cash. That is something you'll never lose wherever you are, regardless the circumstances. People get to caught up in the financial balance sheet which is a picture of a picture and is never reality). What you have done for the kids is real. If you can get to Orlando to attend the publishing course. I'll give you a scholarship to pay for the entire fee. Your only cost will be staying at the hotel (69 a night) or half if you share a room-we have one person looking to share). If you can't make Orlando, join our publishing forum. I'll tell our webmaster to set you up to get in at no charge. Believe me we are not in the middle of excitement and glitter here. this is a working farm and we get up with the chickens, go to bed shortly after sunset (which is early this time of year) and slog through the mid and snow like any other farmer here. Many people want glitter, excitement and noise to lose themselves in, but when you feel like you are on the right track there is no reason to escape what you are. Regards, Gary What do you think the five economic lesson are? I want to share them with you but suspect there are even more so before I give these lessons to you. To find out, I am opening a special forum entitled five economic lessons. Go there and tell me, what you think the lessons forum are and what lesson you feel this correspondence offers. I will give a total scholarship (worth $2,000) for our upcoming publishing course February 2-3-4 (go to to the person that I feel offers the best lessons are. We still have space in Orlando for those who want to attend this seminar. You can