The Benefits of Trading a Rolls Royce for a Beat Up 87 Ford

by | Jan 12, 2001 | Archives

Recently two friends stopped by to visit Merri and me at the farm. Their reaction to my truck leaves a financial message for us all.

These friends knew us first when we lived in Florida and I drove a Rolls. So they really laughed when I arrived to pick them up at the local hardware store in my Ford pickup.

Now let me tell you about this Ford.

Brown Betty I call her. 1987-brown-rusting, scratched-143,000 miles-long bed-four wheel drive-eight speed stick on the floor-big engine-huge six ply snow tires. I bought her for $2,400 bucks.

This truck is tough! When Merri, me and Ma (our pumpkin patch hound) have a heavy job from carrying railroad ties (we are building a bridge on the land) to taking rusted barbed wire we pulled out of the creek to the dump, the truck gets the job done. We don’t worry about the innumerable dents scratches and nicks we put on that truck for a minute.

This is the perfect vehicle for the farm. Rain, mud, frozen roads or snow, this truck goes. With chains she runs like a Sherman tank anywhere and everywhere! Our inner roads are narrow-lined with scratchy shrubs. We’re always carrying some sticky, heavy load. Who cares?

Am I worried about breaking down? Not a chance. Our friend Billy lives up the road. He’s a master mechanic in the old style (why use a muffler when a pop can will do? He’ll keep it running forever at a low cost.

What does having this beat up truck instead of a Rolls have to do with wealth? Well it costs a lot less to run and insure it. But this is not the point. I also blend in better here which has helped us make friends and contacts that have been enormously helpful. This is not the point either.

The point is this truck is what I really want and need. The Rolls was what others convinced me I needed.

We looked at the importance of being ourselves in our last message. Knowing ourselves and living lives the way we truly want (instead of as we are expected) gives us enormous freedom.

When we are free, we gravitate towards what we love and success becomes easier. This is the path to true wealth.

I may look poorer when I pull up in my Ford, but I am happier (actually I am wealthier). When you live to be fulfilled instead of impressing others, finances make miraculous turn-arounds. Try it and see!

While on the subject of freedom I would like to share two thoughts about my upcoming $2,000 course “Self Fulfilled – How to Have Your Own Publishing Business.”

Thought #1: About the Course

One of the great aspects of the internet is that we can start our courses early and continue them for years over the net. For example we are conducting a Winter Think Tank here at the farm on January 26 to 29 and we have already set up a private forum for the delegates so they are becoming prepared and learning and getting to know the other delegates even before we meet.

Next week I will begin the private forum for this $2,000 course.

The purpose of the course is to help those who attend have more freedom. Our mission is to help you have profits and enjoyment in the process itself. Merri’s and my life have been truly thrilling because of our publishing business. Our knowing how to sell valuable information to others has allowed us to live in Hong Kong, London, as well as Florida and the Dominican Republic and travel all over the world. Now we live exactly where we desire on our farm in North Carolina and plantation in Ecuador and really have everything in life we desire. Not only has this made us millions but has brought us friendships from all over the world. This has given us so much freedom we can choose to drive a beat up Ford if we desire!

We share in the course everything we have learned about operating a small business in publishing so you can have the same freedom, financial stability and influence.

The course will cover several areas including how to use publishing to promote and expand other businesses. For example one real estate broker who attended our first course learned how to publish a welcome book for new residents coming into her area. She did not start a publishing business to sell information, but learned how to publish to enhance her real estate business. Many who attend want to use publications and or seminars to make an existing business better. We also cover how to start up a new business for those who want to write their own stuff and publish it and those who want to publish material of others. For example I publish what I write myself, but also sell books written by others when it fits into my focus. In the course you will learn how to do both.

The syllabus includes how to define and plan the business, set up the structure, create the product, find the customer, create the sales story, choose marketing channels and formats and how to use the golden rule of simplicity for market research and to reach markets.

Also one session will be aimed at looking at each delegate’s idea (if they have one) so the course becomes very personal in this way.

Three benefits are gained from the course. First the information, second the contacts with many like minded souls and finally the private internet forum that allows you to maintain and improve (the knowledge and contacts) after the course in a highly personalized way.

The course begins Friday Feb. 2 at 9am and ends Sunday at 5pm, but as mentioned the forum will begin next week.

Thought #2: The timing

We have several delegates who have expressed an extreme desire to attend but these particular dates are impossible. Because of this Merri and I will conduct a three day catch up session here at the farm next June. If you have a scheduling problem you can start now, use the internet private forum and make your personal attendance this summer. I hope this helps you join us and that we’ll see you in Orlando or here at the farm.

Until next message, good global business and investing.


Gary Scott