An International Adventure with Gary Scott — FREE

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  • Have Everlasting Global Fun and Wealth
  • Learn how to have global travel, adventure, togetherness, family values that actually turn into never ending affluence.
  • Travel worldwide and meet international bankers that will lend money at 1.5% and redeposit the loan for 11.33%…or more…plus offer investments that can earn 20%, 30% or more, yet are guaranteed they cannot lose.
  • Have ways to privately and legally hold assets offshore, safe from lawsuit and deferred from U.S. tax.

Now you can discover foreign investing, business and living secrets FREE because you are a reader of Gary Scott's website. This course shows how and why it’s possible to travel, work and even live abroad, enjoy global adventures as you privately earn 30%, 40%, 50% or even more of asset protected profit, not pay a penny of tax for years and have guarantees that you cannot lose. Gary has been writing about global investing for two decades and his tactics have been proven through the test of time. Let me explain how and why you can attend FREE.

In Gary Scott’s first decades of global research he unearthed five golden investments that were among the century’s best. Some readers (and Gary) made millions. Yet before he unveiled two new opportunities (he feels are even better), he had to answer a haunting question that gnawed at him. Information he gave delegates was the same, yet some investors earned fortunes, others made only a little and some lost! “What was the difference between those who won and failed?” This haunted Gary. Finding the answer became an obsession! He reviewed thousands of economic experiences, talked to portfolio managers globally. He even trekked jungles, through deserts and climbed high mountains to ask economic questions of wise men, Christian ministers, Incan Yatchaks, African missionaries, Hindu pundits in India, Sufi masters of Baghdad and Buddhist Llamas from Brazil. What he learned has been encapsulated into a fun filled system of making, keeping and enjoying wealth called “Inspired Investing”. This system is taught in a one day workshop that reveals new golden opportunities and shows why making and keeping money is not enough to assure wealth. The process should be an international adventure and must also be pleasurable and fun.

Now let me explain why you can attend this course (or have it on cassette tape) FREE. In addition to creating the “Inspired Investing” workshop Gary wrote his latest understandings in a novel, “The 65th Octave” so the process of understanding abundance and affluence could even be entertaining! He threaded pieces from his research and years of experience into a fast paced story so readers learn ways to improve their day-to-day business and investment activity without trying.

But why FREE? Gary is about to launch this novel in a national campaign and though he has been one of the best sold sources of factual books and reports on investing for decades, this is his first novel. To reach as broad an audience as fast as possible he has agreed that any reader of this website who buys just three copies of his novel at a bookstore (or from any online bookseller) can attend his upcoming one day Inspired Investing workshop FREE. Gary's courses have regularly sold for $499 to $1,500 for over twenty years and have been attended by thousands. Sound fair enough? Here's a partial course syllabus and FREE reservation.

“Inspired Investing” Free Reservation

Get Your Free Reservation. Visit Gary Scott at any book signing he conducts across the U.S. before March 15. Purchase Gary’s books at a signing or send a receipt from any bookstore (or online book seller) showing purchase of three of “The 65th Octave with application below. A FREE certificate to attend “Inspired Investing” in San Jose March 3 or Dallas April 7 will be sent (taped course sent after March 15, 2001).


  • The Last (Fun) Loophole. Learn how your foreign business (even operated from home) can be a tax shelter that fills your life with international fun and adventure but also wipes out tax forever. This loophole is so legal, it may never be changed! Review new W9 laws that affect Americans, Canadians and other investors.
  • Circle of 100-How to Raise Money Abroad-Eliminate Tax and Improve the World at the Same Time. First hand experiences of raising money for totally tax free companies you’ve formed. Learn how to help the poor through global enterprises that pay for your worldwide travel, are financed by others and fatten your bank account as well
  • Borrow Low-Deposit High. How the strategy works. Why its tactics change and evolve. Updates on potential portfolios i.e. 52.76% of extra potential on existing assets with Japanese yen at 1.5% invested in European and other currency CDs and bonds that pay 11.33% or more. Where to meet these bankers.
  • Guaranteed Investments that Can't Lose. The first guaranteed plan Gary used (in the English stock market index) gained 38%. Learn why many more are available and how to use them them.
  • Investing Pensions, Keoghs and IRAS Abroad. The first delegate using this system, saw her tax deferred IRA (under Scottish management) rise 14.5% in one month!
  • Doubling Wealth in the Imagination Era. How to think differently & globally in an era of bigger, profits.
  • Cashing in on Killer Applications: Evolutions of new technology. How to profit. How to protect.
  • Profitable Tipping Point: Discover the nature of economic epidemics. Get in growth areas early.
  • Inspired Investing: Secrets of everlasting wealth from three investors with the same knowledge but different results! Enhancing profits by turning passions into profit.
  • PIEC Investing. Personal Income Earning Corridors increase profits, worldwide travel, freedom, satisfaction, safety & fun! Three step PIEC investing doubles, triples, even quadruples returns. How PIECS double your chances to become and remain an international millionaire.