Poor Investing is Just a Bad Habit – Lesson 6 – Plant a Seed

by | Dec 4, 2000 | Archives

One great advantage of being Gary's webmaster is that I get to read all of Gary's articles before anyone else does! Gary's ongoing course, “Poor Investing is Just a Bad Habit”, got me thinking – about where these habits start.

I'm 36 and I still have a number of “habits” (bad or good) – I joke with my wife that she married me because of my bad habits – she reminds me she married me in spite of my bad habits! But where do these habits start and how ingrained are they?

My youngest son, Tavish, came home from play school this summer and told me all about a competition – who could grow the tallest sunflower. At face value that seems fun enough, but I think this sends a signal to children to develop things quickly in a race to complete it in the fastest way and with no obvious lesson other than who can grow the biggest.

Another lesson I considered could be to grow a strong and healthy sunflower now, save the seeds carefully (discarding any unhealthy ones) and plant them again next year. Look after them, grow strong and healthy plants, save the seeds, etc.,…you see? Hey, starting at three he could even build a sunflower seed empire by the time he graduates!

Or did I see too much into a simple child's game? Well, that is another habit I have!

One book I read this year and found very interesting is all about habits and their patterns. “The Thinker's Way“, available from Amazon.com here, brings the skill of thinking critically into perspective and helps bring critical clarity into patterns of otherwise “habitual” thinking. Friends I've recommended this book to found it useful, too.

Intuition, wisdom and spirit are essential to life. A mind with the ability to discriminate and evaluate critically can help separate the wheat from the chaff – or the “just tall” sunflowers from those that will flourish year-on-year.

This simple principle is key to business, relationships, investing and life.