Wealth Comes in Spurts

by | Nov 30, 2000 | Archives

Most investors and business people want to get rich all at once. The smart plan to build wealth steadily. Yet riches rarely come in either of these ways. Read below to see how you are most likely to become rich.

A reader recently shared how he was taking the least expensive method to receive my publishing information and how this made him feel frustrated because he was moving towards success only a little step at a time. Then he made a comment (which we all know but is of vital importance to remember).

The reader was unhappy because success seemed slow in coming but he was thinking right when he reminded me of the old saying: “I wept because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”

This last sentence is very wise. Success does not come free. In you business and investing endeavors there will always be something more you'll feel you need.

Success is rarely free. If you read my course International Business Made EZ (details at https://garyascott.com/publications/) you'll learn the secrets of my success, but also learn about the price, two divorces, years I nearly starved, monumental mistakes I often made etc.

This is why I focus on success as a process not a destination. This is why it is important to do something you love to do. Enjoy every day for the good and the bad! Learn each day! Do this and money will flow. The crazy thing is when you do this the money does not really matter.


When you live in this way you are putting yourself into a holding pattern to become rich!

Wealth rarely comes in a hurry nor does it always build steadily. Financial home runs usually take us by surprise. Big chunks of money usually flows in spurts. When you start a business (or investment), taking the first step is the key to success. If you don't do this you can't make mistakes (or do something right). If you don't take this first step you can't learn.

Big profits usually crop up suddenly in unexpected ways for business people who are out working hard, sometimes struggling, making mistakes, seeming to just get by. Then everything falls into place. Money flows in torrents.

If you try enough things and work hard, you'll almost always earn enough to get by and even get ahead (if you are prudent as well as diligent). This daily process is the one that will eventually put you into a position where you can really cash in on your efforts.

Next message I'll share my experiences with the risks and rewards of cashing in on these big and unexpected financial hits.

Until then good global business and investing!