Low on Cash?

by | Nov 25, 2000 | Archives

My reply to a reader's question provides one of the most important international business messages you will ever read.

Recently an International eClub member wrote this to me.

	Hi Gary

You don't know me but I had the pleasure of reading your book
International Business Made EZ. It's a great book. Let me get the
point, you see Gary I worked for a major utility company for 19 years,
and thought I had it made living from pay check to pay check and then the
company decided to change, you've heard the stories downsizing. So here I am no money saved and no income coming in, I know you deal with
big time guy but maybe you can use me as a project. Is it possible for a guy
like me at the bottom to one day experience riches? I believe I can with a
little help. Gary I've never reached out before but when I read your book I
felt your energy and it felt good. If I don't hear from you that's OK, God Bless and Peace A H

My reply is short and sweet as are most powerful messages (and this message is powerful).

I am about to conduct a course on how to have your own publishing business (for details go to https://garyascott.com/courses/ ) and one of the key themes in this course is that is not only possible but necessary to start small.

This seems simple but when I originally conducted this course and then looked at the reviews, I was astounded by how many of the delegates stressed the importance of understanding this fact.

For example one very successful businessman from Georgia who attended the course wrote:

“The course was excellent covering all the facets of publishing. The philosophy of keeping small with no employees alone made the course invaluable. Gary and Merri you were excellent!”

A housewife from Washington who attended said:


“The idea of starting at the lowest cost level was terrific.”

And an M.D. who came to the course to create an alternate source of income sent me this message:


“The course helped me in three ways:

  1. To realize that it is not only OK but preferable to start small
  2. A small point but with big implications was Merri's description of how she is going to make Gary an expert in the sport's field
  3. I feel I have a workable program to have a newsletter-my own passion!”

We are so bombarded every day, in the news, on T.V. , in every walk of life, with so many images of big business, that we often have a distorted picture of what wealth and making money are about. The strength of an economy is not in the huge multi-nationals, but in small businesses. Most of us can make more money in a small business than in any other way. In fact the book, “The Millionaire Mind” shows that small businesses made more than twice as many millionaires as any other occupation. Merri and I are examples of this. We have made millions and have become multi-millionaires though we have no employees. Until we moved to the farm here and built a seminar hall which we also use for an office we always worked from a bedroom in our house.

Jesus Christ was clear, “The meek shall inherit the earth”. This vital message is true in business as well as other aspects of life.

Capital is never a problem in business. Lack of ideas, willingness to serve, imagination, perseverance and love of what you are doing, not money are what stop financial success.

Don't look at your lay-off as a problem. See the fact that this has opened new paths for you to travel. Look at your passions. This is where you'll find the keys for your success.

Good global business!