Two Really Good Reasons to be Thankful

by | Nov 19, 2000 | Archives

Dear International Friend,

Rosaspamba, Ecuador, November 2000. White mists rose over jagged peaks and a huge, multicolored bird suddenly burst from the brush. This reminded Merri and me why we are so thankful for you and all you have shared with us. This sudden flash of beauty also brought an important financial message I want to share with you.

Merri and I are just back from taking 45 investors to Ecuador. The improvement in the economy brought home a special economic lesson that fits perfectly in this season of thanks. Over the past two years we have taken several hundred investors down to show them ways to invest in this economy while it was in ruins. Ecuador did so many things badly. Graft, corruption, political hassles, discrimination and lies all helped put the economy in shambles. The country had been the first to default on Brady bonds. All bank accounts had been frozen, two Presidents had been impeached and the public had been demonstrating again and again in the streets.

The worse it got, the more I had advised investors to come with me.

Now the economy is looking strong, oil prices have risen (Ecuador is the second largest oil producer in South America) the new President is looking very capable (perhaps even a little honest) and there is optimism everywhere. The country has dollarized and real estate prices are on the rise. I am hearing stories from investors on how much money they have made in just the past year.

This shows us a lesson we can be thankful for, that regardless of how bad things appear, there is always opportunity. For this we should be eternally grateful. When events appear gloomy we should get excited. There is never as good a time to create wealth as when economic conditions are bad. This is especially important to remember as the U.S. economy (which has been feeding global economic growth) slows. In the months and years ahead our daily publications, newspapers, TV shows, etc. are likely to give us more than our fair share of doom and gloom. Let this be good news! Be thankful. Bad times are the best for making money. If we focus on serving our community instead of weeping over what newspapers say it will help us get ahead.

A second big reason to be happy is that Merri and I have been able to take one more big step in helping you with your wealth. We spent time at our plantation in Ecuador on this trip and hiked the jungle there looking for the rare (they are an endangered species) Spectacled Bear that feeds on the dense bamboo deep in our lands. The Spectacled is similar to Pandas and there is a new cub (cinnamon with a dark mask) that the apprentices have been seeing. We did not see the bear but flushed some beautiful exotic birds and we enjoyed the incredible scenic views and stopped to bathe in the three crystal clean waterfalls on our land.

But it was the meeting we held while at Rosaspamba that we can be most thankful for. Years ago we became a part of an Incan prophesy to help the Eagle and Condor fly in the skies together. At that time we were told by the Incan Old Ones to develop a circular organization. The plan was to have two meeting places, the first in North Carolina (the outer circle) and a second at our Ecuadorian plantation Rosaspamba (the middle circle) to develop a program that allows us to take people into a Sacred Incan Valley in the LLanganatis (Amazon basin-inner circle).

Since that time we have been working tirelessly with a leading Andean shaman Taita Yatchak towards that goal. This year we were able to have our first meetings with our friends, clients and Taita Yatchak here in North Carolina. Taita Yatchak has been working with us to operate an Incan Monastery (a place where shamanic apprentices live and learn) at Rosaspamba so we can provide a meeting place there.

Now we can be enormously thankful that the Abuelos (old ones) of the Andes have sent another Yatchak (Shaman), Inti-Paxi (the Sun and the Moon) from deep in the Colombian Andes to be at Rosaspamba full time. This allows us to begin our program so our friends and clients can come and stay at Rosaspamba and be immersed in ancient wisdoms for health, happiness and abundance.

I'll be sharing more about this in future messages and you can learn more about our adventures (that you can join in) in Ecuador at

Thank you for joining us on the net. Your visits here are one of our reasons for life. This purpose you bring into our daily activity is a continual source of appreciation and we send our gratitude from our hearts. We wish you every happiness in the holiday seasons ahead plus hope you have good global business and investing!

Gary & Merri Scott